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Do You Sit at a Desk All Day With Frustrating Back/Neck Pain and Need to Lose 20-30 Pounds?

How To Boost Your Willpower 600% in 5 Minutes (With These Two Weird Studies)

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Two weird studies were done to figure out what ACTUALLY influences your willpower. In the first study, college students had to watch an annoying video where they were told to concentrate on a woman talking - while images and words kept popping up in the bottom of the screen. In the second study, researchers from [...]

3 Reasons Why There is No “Perfect Time” To Get Healthy


Just the other day I was overhearing a conversation between two people in a busy coffee shop. "These past few years have been really really tough for me, nothing has been working out and lining up - and now with mercury in retrogade I've been feeling really off. It just hasn't been the right time [...]

Are You Using These 3 Real Food Tips To Stay Fuller, Longer?

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Have you ever been frustrated watching someone constantly stuff their face... but never gain a pound? Whereas for you, or for someone you know, it seems like you take a bite of a cookie and instantly balloon up? Would you believe me if I told you that researchers have extensively studied specifically what leads to feelings of [...]

21 Dumb Mistakes That Doom Your Health and Weight Loss Goals From Day One


#1 Worrying about how much you're eating.  A super common "mistake" I see people make when they decide "today's the day!" is this: they spend all their day just trying to eat less. "Uhhh, Alex isn't eating less how you lose weight?" Yes, but with a huge exception. Not all foods keep you full equally - [...]