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Here's How to Lose Your Next 20-30 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Even If You're a Busy Professional or Mom)

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Don’t Know How to Reach a Fitness Goal? Do This.

I recently had this conversation with a friend who found out I've been doing the following, side-by-side: Just finished my second, full-length book Shoot two videos per week Write two articles per week Am doing a full-time, 4-year medical program in Chinese medicine ...and still am relatively sane (relatively being the key word) The first [...]

Little Wins, Big Wins (The Secret to Habits)

I bet if you ask your friends how to get fitter, you generally get the exact same advice, right? Set smart goals that are specific, measurable, actionable… Then you hear other people say that you should set these massive, outrageous, wildly improbable goals. If they're not big enough, they're not motivating you. And if you're [...]

Study: Why Your One Annoying Friend Doesn’t Gain Weight When They Overeat

You know that one annoying friend that you have that never manages to gain weight when they stuff themselves with doughnuts and margaritas? Yeah... Well, researchers did an interesting study recently. They overfed people for six weeks, and they wanted to see how different the weight gain was in different people - and the results were [...]

What I ACTUALLY Eat in a Day (To Be in the Best Shape of my Life)

Salad ten times a day, double workouts per day, complete removal of sugar... they're all things I don't do, and yet still have a flat stomach year round. You know when you follow people online who just love showing you how much effort they go into to make food? I first meticulously massage each blueberry before I [...]