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Case Study: How Boris Lost 25 Pounds, Beat His Cravings, and Got His Life Back

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Note: I am opening limited enrollment for Dream Body: the Anti-Diet solution program later this month, if you'd like to join the waitlist, you can do so here. Today I want to share with you a case study of a Modern Health Monk student that recently sent over a fantastic email detailing how he lost [...]

How to Overcome Perfectionism And Still Be Successful (Without Feeling Guilty)

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I was trying to successfully do something that I had never been successful before in over ten years of trying: Meditate every day for an entire month. Yep. That's it. Meditate for 30 days straight. And ideally, the goal was to meditate at least for a half an hour a day, but to be honest, [...]

Stop Sitting, Start Living: How to Build a Standing Desk For Back Pain Relief


Note from Alex: Today's article is a guest article from Clint Warren. After hitting 'rock bottom' physically, mentally, and emotionally in 2008, I made a commitment to drastically change my lifestyle. In the time since, I've undergone a dramatic physical transformation - dropping weight, building muscle, and replacing tons of terrible habits. Despite the steady [...]