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The 7 Simple Habits Of The Jack Lalanne Diet To Be Ridiculously Healthy And Fit Over 40


Jack Lalanne at age 71(!) JackJack Lalanne performed some insane fitness feats even into his 70's, but (in my opinion) the best was that he lived a long, healthy,  happy, successful life. What if you didn't have to get weaker and stiffer as you got older? What if you actually got better? What if you became healthier, fitter, stronger, even [...]

How to Live to 100 Years Old (Without Diet & Exercise) With ONE Habit

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What does it really take to live to be 100 years old? I was a bit surprised about what I found recently. For the longest time, just like most other people, I figured that living to be the ripe old age of 100 (or more) was just about the typical "eat right and exercise" garbage [...]

The 15 Most Common Lies Standing Between You and The Body (And Life) You Want

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  Two years ago I told myself that I REALLY wanted to move into New York City - I told all my friends, I looked at apartments, I looked for jobs, and more. And you know what happened? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing AT ALL happened. We often think of all the physical, obvious stuff holding us [...]

Why “Type A” People Die Before Everyone Else (And The 3-Step Type A Recovery Plan)

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I've got a confession for you here today. EVERYTHING in my life that doesn't go well is because of one negative personality trait that I have. I've shared with you how perfectionism has ruined my life on many occasions here (finances, happiness, success, etc.), but today it's something worse. Way worse. Everything has to be neatly arranged. [...]