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Here's How to Lose Your Next 20-30 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Even If You're a Busy Professional or Mom)

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The Best Blenders for Smoothies in 2017: Everything You Need to Know

What on earth are the best blenders for smoothies in 2017? There are blenders that turn green juice into green pulp, and there are blenders that turn green juice into, well, green juice. Am I right? Here's my two cents on some of the top rated and best-selling blenders of 2017, as well as some of [...]

How to Lose 10 Pounds: 3 Unconventional Ideas From the Blue Zones

I go to one of the biggest schools of natural medicine in the world. And unfortunately, an interesting phenomenon takes place. In a school with so many health-conscious people, there is an abnormal amount of crazy, ridiculous, restrictive diets, which is ironic. In fact, the NYtimes recently talked about Orthorexia as "social media's clean eating disorder." [...]

3 Ways Not To Hate Yourself in the Social Media Era

Do you ever find yourself going through your friends' Facebook pictures or Instagram feed and then this weird feeling comes over you? There's this creeping feeling that you hate your life—just a weird feeling of comparison. You don't really know why you don't feel well, but you can't deny it: you feel like crap. You [...]

How to Make Your Face Thinner Fast (With Celebrity Before and After Pictures)

Maybe you've gained a little bit of weight, and you notice it in your face. Maybe your cheeks are a bit fuller. Maybe there's a little bit of a double chin showing or just extra skin there that you didn't notice before. How do you actually lose weight just from your face, or your cheeks, [...]