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The 15 Most Irritating Kinds of People You See In The Gym

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Most people I talk to absolutely hate the gym. And to be honest? I don't really blame them. You've got meat heads, women who put on makeup and wear skimpy clothes to workout, grunters, creepers, and more. In fact, after almost ten years of going to the gym, I've spotted a few types I see almost [...]

Weight Loss For Women Over 40: 101 Simple Things You Can Do TODAY

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As a woman over 40, weight loss is frustrating - and the last 10 pounds can make you want to quit over and over. It's awful, right? You don't know what's not working. Is it menopause? Is it something that happened after the second or third pregnancy? Is it just a natural part of aging? [...]

Use This Simple Thinking Exercise That Turns Your Visions & Goals Into a Reality

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I've personally really struggled with having a list of things I KNOW would make my life amazing - meditating, being fitter, saving more money, etc. - but doing them has been tough (like most people). But it wasn't until I started doing ONE thinking mental exercise each day that I started making more of the [...]

5 Daily Habits I Practiced in 2014 That Changed My Life Forever

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Last year, I changed a few habits that dramatically improved my life, in a HUGE way. Sometimes you change just a few small things, and the rewards are enormous. And sometimes, you start doing something new, and it just "clicks" in your life, and you can instantly tell it's something you're going to cultivate for [...]