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Do You Sit at a Desk All Day With Frustrating Back/Neck Pain and Need to Lose 20-30 Pounds?

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Here’s The #1 Reason Why Changing Your Posture Isn’t Fixing Your Back Pain

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A recent study highlighted in the NYtimes showed researchers measuring the amount of force applied to your spine, upper back, and neck when you're texting (or angling your head down). Check it out: Normal: The normal 'weight' of the skull is around 10-12 pounds. Remember, this is like holding a weight above your head, directly [...]

The 9 Types of People Who Are Sabotaging Your Health Goals


One of the toughest parts about actually conquering the day to day challenges of getting healthier is actually avoiding the minefield of social interaction. We can be sitting at the office doing our work, when Cindy rolls by with her home made cookie platter, or when we have to go out to a business lunch [...]

How to Feel More Confident In Your Body (And Succeed Even if You’ve Failed Before)

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One of the biggest barriers to us getting healthier, creating healthy habits, and achieving all our health goals is one thing: our own confidence and self esteem, and the story we tell ourselves. You’ve probably failed a few times just like I have trying to achieve a goal important to you: whether it’s your health [...]

Science Agrees: Here’s the #1 Most Important Factor in Being Happy

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How is possible that there can be 70, 142 books alone on Amazon proclaiming how to show us the path to happiness... yet people are more unhappy than ever? Depression is at an all-time high. Americans pop antidepressants like candy. People complain of the meaninglessness of their lives, the absolute sheer boredom of a routine-dominated [...]