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The Consistency Trifecta: 3 Habits to Stay The Course Doing Just About Anything

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How do you stay consistent at eating right or exercising, when, well you're awful at it? I posed this question to myself recently after hearing it come up over, and over, and over. It's tough figuring out what to do, when it comes to losing weight, and feeling better. But it's even HARDER getting yourself [...]

How To Stay Consistent With Health Goals (When Everything Else Sucks)

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If it were so easy that all you needed was a meal plan and gym shoes, no one would have any problems staying healthy. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Last week, we talked about how when the holidays roll around, it can really suck for anyone trying to stay healthy - you know it's going [...]

6 Simple Questions To Help You Figure Out What To Eat For Breakfast

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I slapped my alarm clock this morning at 5:56 am. Lately, I've been using piano songs to wake me up, since the blaring nuclear-meltdown alarm on my Iphone gives me panic attacks when I wake up at the crack of dawn. The alarm goes off. Then I'm in the shower. 26 minutes left to go [...]

How to Lose Your Next 10 Pounds – The Healthy (Permanent) Way

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Is it really just about calories? What about going on a cleanse? How about Weight Watchers? Well... if it were really that simple, would you be reading this or watching this video? People are starting to realize the truth: weight loss (and feeling better) isn't as simple as eating bland, boring, rice cakes and liquid food that [...]