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Do You Sit at a Desk All Day With Agonizing Back/Neck Pain and Need to Lose 20-30 Pounds?

I’ll show you:

- How to (Permanently) Get Rid of Your Back, Neck, Knee or Shoulder Pain

- How to Reverse Health Problems That Have Been Bothering You For Years (or Decades)

- How to Use Psychology to Lose Weight Without Using Willpower or Effort

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Four Common Reasons You’re Failing to Reach Your Health & Weight Loss Goals

Before and after

Early this week, I introduced you to real success principles behind the people who successfully flip their health 180, and lose weight for good. I busted some myths about getting your Dream Body in 2014. And I showed you that the case studies I interviewed - DOZENS of people that lost 100+ pounds, naturally, without [...]

The Straight Truth About Getting Your Dream Body in 2014

Straight truth screenshot

There are some massive problems with the advice you've been given about your health. Look, for the longest time people have been spouting the same old garbage over and over and over. "Eat less, move more." "Exercise 30 minutes a week, and eat less red meat." "Eat low carb, eat low fat, go vegan." ... [...]

Case Study: Amanda’s Before/After Transformation (Interview & Pictures)

Amanda Story

Every once in a while you hear the story of someone with an incredible weight loss story: 100+ pounds lost, their life transformed and completely different before/after shots - it's as if they're a new person. But what I find the most interesting about these transformations is how people feel afterwards, and how it affects [...]

The Laziness Myth (And The CURE For Your Cravings)


There’s going to be a total revolution in how people take care of their health and lose weight in 2014. Before I share this coming revolution, first a story: Have you ever been so frustrated with a friend, or maybe even your spouse, who makes the same bad decisions over and over and over? For [...]