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Gay Hendricks on Enlightened Weight loss, Losing 100 Pounds, Self Sabotage, And Mindset Habits that Make Success Easy – Tiny Wellness Show Episode #6

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Image used with permission of Dr. Gay Hendricks.

Dr. Gay Hendricks had a spiritual near-death experience in his 20s, which was one of the catalysts for him eventually losing 100 pounds.

What’s more, I didn’t even know this about Gay before our interview – I had only briefly heard about this experience and his philosophy behind “enlightened weight loss.”

Gay is the author of the book The Big Leap (and many others), where he presents this idea of the “upper limit problem,” which is a threshold we often reach at which point we begin to sabotage ourselves.

Not only did he realize this in his own life (and blasted through to tremendous weight loss), he has consulted with hundreds of top CEOs, like Michael Dell, in the boardroom to show them how to overcome their own inner mindset upper limit problems.

In today’s interview with Gay (one of my favorite so far – no exaggeration), we go into detail on how to overcome the inner mindset blocks preventing us from losing weight, and accessing the success (in every aspect of life) that we want.

Links from the show:

Gay Hendricks’ Website

The Big Leap (The Book We Talked About Most)

Learning to Love Yourself

Conscious Loving


Listen to it on itunes right here, too.

Some Key Points:

  • Gay’s near-death experience that led him to lose 100 pounds (14:00)
  • What Gay eats every day now (20:00)
  • The importance of loving yourself (23:00)
  • His mind-blowing self-love exercise, if you don’t feel like you’re good enough (27:00)
  • If you feel stuck, ask yourself the “wonder question” (38:00)
  • How to access your zone of genius (41:00)
  • The zone of genius exercise (44:00)
  • Finding foods that feed your spirit (enlightened weight loss) (47:30)
  • The 3 best “happy” marriage habits (56:00)

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  1. Alex, this is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in a long time. Wow, these insights are fascinating. “Don’t worry, just wonder…” Hope you’re doing well in the Philippines. I am gonna tell all my friends to listen to your podcast, I didn’t really know you had one! Hmmm……….. 😉

    1. Haha, thanks Ryan

  2. Hi Alex, I was trying to listen to the podcast but none of the links work. Not even when I try to play it on a podcast app. Do you think you can fix it?

    1. Hey Jae,

      I since discontinued it, to instead double down on focusing on youtube. There were a lot of reasons, but time was one of them! I’ll find this file for you though.

      1. Hello, do you still have the link available?thanks!

  3. I’d like to listen to this podcast too… If you have found it, can you please share it with me? Nihan


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