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From 300 Pounds to Six Pack: Sol’s Transformation (Pictures & Interview)

IMG_0191Is it actually possible to go from 300 pounds to a six pack?

Without calorie counting?

Without fad diets?

Without pills?

Without following stupid “guru” strategies?

By changing just a few key habits and implementing some smart systems in your life?

Does this kinda stuff REALLY EXIST in real life, outside of scammy weight loss pill ads?

I can definitively say YES, after interviewing dozens of people with amazing transformations.

But today in particular I’m going to share Sol’s story and transformation, as well as an interview prying his brain for his best tips for those of you on the weight loss road back to health.

Just a heads up: In Dream Body: the Anti-Diet (opening next month), I walk you through the 6 step-by-step systems that people like Sol have applied in their daily lives to lose 100+ pounds – naturally, without fad diets, without removing food groups, by focusing on micro habit and lifestyle changes. Join the waiting list here if you’re interested.

Sol’s Transformation (in Pictures)

Sol collageSol was a musician down south who was frequently playing late night music gigs.

He was always a “big guy” as he told me – and it was almost a source of pride, I mean he was a really strong guy – and where he lived, it wasn’t a bad thing to be big – it was almost normal.

In our interview, he told me he literally had never had a vegetable other than greens beans in his entire life.

But even though he didn’t “appear” to be doing that bad – inside was a different story. He didn’t recognize the person in the mirror, he was constantly depressed, unhappy, sick, and with agonizing, chronic back pain.

And in fact, he was continuing down a long, dangerous road, but it wasn’t until his mother was diagnosed with cancer that he realized he seriously needed to change things – right away.

In today’s interview, Sol tells you his entire story, the struggle, how he actually went from 300 pounds to six pack… and his advice for you to do the same.

Sol Interview And His Best Tips

Before and after

You can listen to the interview with Sol below.

In the interview we’ll share his best tips, his biggest failures, and some tips and techniques you can follow:

Some big takeaways he shares:

  • What originally brought him from 300 pounds, to around 230 pounds
  • Why he plateaued at 230 pounds, and what it took to get below 200 pounds for the first time in his life
  • The many fad things he tried to lose weight… and what eventually worked for him
  • His simple nutritional advice (The “sol food” diet) that he has used to help many of his clients get transformations as powerful as his
  • … And lots more

His Secrets – What He Did… That Most People Don’t Do

So here’s the million dollar question:

What were the SPECIFIC things sol did, that most people don’t do?

Most of you are horribly frustrated with crappy vague advice from health sites, right?

Let’s talk about some of his winning advice.

What he ate:

Sol had tried DOZENS of diets – the anabolic diet, zone, paleo, LCHF, everything. And eventually he ended up figuring out for himself what worked best.

He focused on whole real foods (like I talk about here and in Eat More, Lose More and didn’t deprive himself.

He never counted calories. Why not? Because he couldn’t see himself doing that while he was 85 years old – would you want to still be doing that?

He didn’t focus on meal timing or eating 6 meals a day. He just focused on figuring out WHAT foods (the what – not just the how much) he should’ve been emphasizing. I will share more specifics on this “real food” philosophy later this week, but my above article covers lots of that.

Avoiding fads, changing habits:

Sol had tried dozens of things. Literally all of the fad diets. What was a real “turbo charger” for him was embracing Bruce Lee’s philosophy: Absorb what is useful, and discard the rest.

So he spent years systematically testing out the advice he found online – to see if there was science behind it, to see if it would work for him and his unique life circumstances.

Ultimately, he made dozens (maybe hundreds) of tiny life changes:

– He started waking up at 6 am to cook his food (new habit and system, like we talked about last week)

– He created systems for his motivation (see below)

– He stopped partying until 4 or 5 am as part of his music career

– He regained control over his social life, which was fueling his late nights drinking and eating junk food

– He constantly had accountability – he took before/after pictures – HUNDREDS of them.

Motivational Systems:

Sol did three things in particular anytime he wanted to cave in and make a bad choice:

#1 He created a little system where he would reach under the table any time he went out, and pinch his belly fat. That would quickly remind him to stay focused – keep his eyes on the prize – and not eat food that wouldn’t get him closer to his goal.

#2 He would remind himself of his mom – who was diagnosed with cancer, and who was really his hero throughout his life (he found a powerful “why”)

#3 He would pull out a picture of himself he had in his wallet – reminding himself of where he never wanted to be again.

Systems – and habits – remember? Don’t rely on massive willpower and discipline. Cultivate tiny habits.

Know what I see? Why I think he succeeded?

The truth is that it’s not easy. It took him two years to decipher all the BS because of slick marketers or people that had no idea what they were talking about.

He focused on the fact that it was about LIFE – not just how often you exercise or how much you eat right.

He focused on the systems.

On habits.

On accountability.

This is the entire reason I created Dream Body: the Anti-Diet. There’s a better, healthier, and more sustainable way – for real people with real lives. And it already makes sense to you.

Imagine if you created a tiny habit every month – get up just 30 minutes earlier, just shift to drinking water every day instead of liquid calories, and cook at home twice a week.

Imagine the impact it might have in just ONE YEAR of changing 12 habits? Now imagine if you changed one a week – 52 new habits? Life changing.


That’s the entire idea behind Dream Body and everything I teach here to my students and clients.

A Big Revelation Behind Sol’s Story

Here’s the most powerful thing:

Sol was “always a big guy” as he said in his interview.

What’s cool is that you’re also going to hear from single mothers.

People that weren’t overweight, then became very overweight.

Young men, old men.

Young women, middle aged women.

Busy mothers with 3 kids.

Professionals, business men/women, and parents working 10 or 12 hours a day. And the system works for all these kinds of people.

The principles are timeless and apply to everyone – and they WORK in all of these situations, because it’s about the habits you create in your own life. And I have dozens and dozens of case studies to show it – this is a system you can apply to your own unique life situation.

They are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you’ve often been told works.

That’s why my program built on these exact principles is called Dream Body: The Anti-Diet Solution.

Many of you are “tired” of dieting, and know it’s probably not the way to real, sustainable, healthy, wholesome weight loss, right?

It makes intuitive sense to you now.

Diets are short term principles that give you results that don’t last. They’re a short term fix for a long-term problem.

They’re popping a pill for an ache or pain, only to see it come back again even worse than it did before.

Fact: The people that really understand that health and weight loss are about habits, systems, psychology, and behavioral change… are the real people that see results long-term without fad diets.

That’s the solution to lifelong yoyo dieting.

Don’t Forget to Get on the Wait List

Just a reminder: my program Dream Body: The Anti-Diet Solution will be opening soon. Join the wait list to be notified once it opens.

It’s unlike anything you have seen before: rather than me giving you “top 10 tips” for weight loss, I give you a system. The 6 principles I saw at work over and over and over in dozens of interviews with people like Sol.

The 6 systems – 6 habits – that I show you how to cultivate, including a daily habit baby step – a micro change you can make that day to really become a success story – the kind of person your friends ask for health advice and “your secret.”

– Alex

Want to learn more about Sol and how he’s coaching others to get startling transformations JUST like him? Visit him here at solperry.com

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