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About Alex

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Hey guys!

I’m Alex — a guy passionate about health (read: quality of life) who has a number of chronic health problems.  Some of these health problems only started in the past few years, and some started only in the past few months.

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter when they or why started – because doctors have no idea how to fix them.

And that’s what does matter, because it means that I’m mostly in the dark when it comes to getting fixed up, and the journey is up to me now.

My journey is probably similar to your own – even if you don’t have a chronic illness (like IBS or Asthma) or a chronic pain (back, neck, knee), you probably deal with some other health issue (like losing weight or lowering your blood pressure) that your doctor isn’t very useful in solving.

That’s because most of the health issues we suffer from today are from our lifestyle – whether that’s from the food we eat or the fact that we sit 10 hours a day.

And unfortunately many modern doctors aren’t well equipped at changing lifestyles. So after seeing my regular doctor, nutritionists, GI doctors, etc. etc. I realized it was time to start researching and testing.

For me, the laundry list is unfortunately long.

Chronic “illnesses”:

  • Asthma
  • IBS
  • (Recent) Insomnia and terrible sleep quality, upper back and neck pain while sleeping (2+ years)

Chronic pain (daily basis):

  • Thoracic back (upper back)
  • Shoulder and elbow pain + repeated tendinitis
  • Severe neck pain (part of the insomnia puzzle, for me)
  • Knee pain (fixed!)
  • Lower back pain (fixed!)

The good thing about having all of these problems is that I know a lot of other people have these issues too — and that by systematically testing things out and fixing them, I know it will help others get one step closer.

We’re truly living in an era where you have to figure out what works for you.

And that was a bitter pill for me to swallow because A. I’m a know-it-all, and B. I find it hard to believe that one species of animal (humans) could possibly have so many different illnesses with no shared origin.

I’m still working on that.

Anyways, we’re really in a period in history where you have to take responsibility for your own health.  Regardless of whether or not you believe in illuminati, health scams, or conspiracy theories, there are a handful of generous people out there and researchers who want legitimate, helpful information to come to light.

When I find something that works, I share it.


A Couple of Health Issues I’ve Fixed (How-to Guides)

There are a couple chronic health issues that have been plaguing me that I’ve fixed:

Health Issues I’m Currently Experimenting With

There are a couple health issues that I haven’t found a way to resolve yet:

  • IBS
  • Insomnia – I usually fall asleep quickly, but wake up feeling like I haven’t slept (often accompanied by upper back pain and neck pain). Sometimes can’t fall asleep.
  • Thoracic Back Pain & Neck issues (+ TMJ)
  • Chronic Shoulder & Elbow Pain (+ Tendonitis from lifting)
  • Vanity health issue – being underweight. My natural bodyweight at 6′ 3″ was around 145. I’m up to 175 now, with a goal of 195.  

If you’ve fixed any of these, please email me with what worked ! 

It’s A Long Process

My health journey is unfortunately like many many millions of people today – chronic health problems that modern medicine is ill-equipped to deal with. I’m hoping that any pieces of the puzzle I’ve put together will help others figure out their own health issues too —

On an epic quest to feel normal again.

— Alex

Some Useful Guides And Free Stuff I’ve Put Together

In addition to some free weight loss crash courses, reports on longevity, fixing chronic pain, etc. in the Monk’s courtyard you can get a whole bunch of other sweet stuff, for free.

Check out the monk’s courtyard or enter your email below for more updates on my journey:

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