The Exact Process I Used to Fix My Chronic Back And Neck Pain Forever


There’s a lot of totally crap advice out there on fixing back pain.

The worst part? Most of it just doesn’t work.

When you ask your friends about back pain they just tell you to “stretch it out a bit.”

Maybe you talk to someone else who says “you need to start working it out and strengthening the muscles.”

And maybe you talk to someone else who says “go see a doctor” who then prescribes you something (or worse) says that you need surgery.

Unfortunately, I’ve spoken with many people who have had back surgery just to see the back pain return later.Why? They didn’t fix the origin of the problem.

Back pain is an epidemic among modern people — and my story was no different. I had chronic back pain for four years.  My pain got so bad that it progressed to my neck and I was having trouble sleeping.

Eventually, after being a chronic insomniac for two years, I studied, learned, and applied everything on the subject, and I’m proud to say that most days I am pain free now.

I found out that it was a combination of several things, which I discuss below:

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  1. Daily posture (which leads to chronic pain & tension — e.g. sitting improperly leading to back pain)
  2. Inactivity (weak muscles from lack of exercise that lead to muscular imbalances – e.g. knee pain)
  3. Inflexibility (tight muscles – e.g. if you sit all day, you’re going to have very tight muscles around the hips and pelvic girdle — which can lead to a number of issues)

I know these work because I have used all three to fix various chronic pains: #1 to fix my chronic back pain. #2 to fix my chronic knee pain. And #3 to fix chronic neck pain.

Don’t be overwhelmed — I easily walk you step-by-step through each of these lessons.


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How to Set the Stage for Fixing Your Back Pain

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