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Why Having a “Bad Memory” Is a MYTH (& How To Never Lose Your Car Keys Again)

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People often complain that they have a bad memory when they frequently lose things throughout the day.

Actually (and I have some psychology research backing this up), your memory is probably fine, you just don’t pay attention in the first place.

The 21st century is notorious for people filling down time as mindlessly as possible – aimlessly using cell phones, games, or pursuing other forms of entertainment to fill every minute.

Virtually no one gives their full attention to anything. We consider “multitasking” as a valuable skill, even though research has shown that it decreases your productivity.

This is all the long way of me saying this: this “constantly busy, never paying attention” habit is dramatically ruining our quality of life, oh, and making your forget stuff. A lot of stuff.

I‘m going to show you (video length: 3:35):

  • The one trick to stop forgetting where you put things… for good (without “improving” your memory)
  • The interesting psychology experiment that explains why we often don’t remember obvious things
  • Why you probably don’t actually have a bad memory

Take it Away Folks…

So, have you been saying you have a “bad memory” when in reality, you just rush yourself from place to place and don’t pay attention?

What have you tried to improve your memory or improve your awareness?

Are you guilty of multitasking, thinking that you’re actually “getting more done” ?

What have you tried in order to stop losing your car keys?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

— Alex

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  1. I remember when I first came across this exact realization. While reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. When I go to the gym now I take 30 seconds to mentally go through what I plan to do there and usually discover I would have forgotten to pack a towel, shampoo, water bottle, or something like that.

    1. Hey Jordan –

      That’s awesome! I’m really glad this works for you too, and you like Eckhart Tolle. In all honesty, if you’re a meditator, the awareness that meditation brings will have the same effect. The problem is that it’s tough to get people to start meditating 🙁

      Thanks for stoppin by!

  2. Now this makes sense!
    I used to lose stuff, too, but somehow the “issue” just went away. What actually happened is that I just started paying attention to where I put my stuff, lol.

    The only trick I’d need now is something on “How to remember all the books you read”. I read a ton given the subjects I study in college, but in 3 days from finishing a book I can only remember the main idea and just a few of the other events in the book (if it’s a novel).

    The human brain is a really tricky flesh&blood machine. That’s what makes it fascinating.

    1. Hey Lina !

      Hahaha that story is exactly like my own!

      Ahhh the college days are tough ! So much stuff to remember. I would definitely suggest checking out the book I mentioned, which will help you ace college classes easy 😉

      Check it out on Amazon, it’s called “The Memory Book” : http://www.amazon.com/The-Memory-Book-Classic-Improving/dp/0345410025/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367257598&sr=8-1&keywords=the+memory+book

      Let me know how it goes! What classes are you taking?

      – Alex

      1. Thanks for the link 🙂

        Well, unlike in the USA, here you can’t actually choose which classes to take. They’re all part of the curriculum related to your main specialization, which in my case is English Language&Literature with a minor in French. So this year, for example, I get to study old and medieval literature(English and French), Structuralism and Formalism, short XXth-century American stories, Phonetics and Phonology(English and French), grammar(also for both languages) and, because I plan on becoming a professor of English, I also took an optional class of Pedagogy&Psychology of learning. They’re a lot of classes, at the end of each term I have 12 exams, lol.

    2. I think if you connect the ideas in the book to your prior knowledge, that’s a good way to remember. Also depends how relevant the book is to you. I remember a whole lot from The Selfish Gene which I’ve only read once, because it explained a lot about the world to me. I often think back on it when thinking about evolution and competition.

      I also remember some books I read in childhood very well if the plot made me think (like there was one about telepathy and mind control) while from other books I remember single scenes and not even the overall plot or the ending!

      Another thing, it might be hard to answer “What was in the book you just read?” but easier to answer a more concrete question like an exam question. So no worries – if you need the specific knowledge, it’ll be there 😉

      1. Hey JadePenguin,

        You’re absolutely right – memory works almost entirely via previous connections. That’s kinda the whole premise of that memory book I brought up in the video – we almost never remember something unless it makes sense in relation to something else. That would probably explain why you remembered snippets from that genetics book; since it was related to your world it was highly relevant. Ahhh the brain is so cool to me haha.

        — Alex

  3. This sounds like a practical application of mindfulness meditation.

    1. Allan –

      You are absolutely right sir! That’s exactly what it is. I’ve found it to work wonders.

      – Alex

  4. You’ve validated something I thought was a little strange for me! I often forget when people tell me something they want me to remember i.e “text me when you get home” so for the last few years when I want to remember something I actually pretend to write it on my hand (just with my finger) and that conscious effort and doing so triggers a reminder later on.

    Brilliant! Thank you for explaining the logic behind it… Now what was I doing before I found this article…?

    1. Hahah, I’m glad you realized this truth also Riss! Many of my family members say they have bad memories.. but I watch them as they walk around all day – they are talking to themselves and not paying attention at all! We never “looked” in the first place most of the time. Now, some people legitimately DO have bad memories, but hey, this is worth a try first right?

      1. Exactly! Word of warning though…a memory too sharp has people thinking you stalk them hahaha (sometimes I just pretend I’ve forgotten they told me that months ago).

        Thanks for responding.


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