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Does Visualization Really Work? Scientific Proof That Visualization Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster


does visualization work for weight loss and achieving your goals faster?

You know, a couple years back I used to think that visualizing the huge, epic goals you wanted to achieve for your health (and your life) was a bunch of crap.

No joke.

I’m a pretty scientific dude – so if I’m not sure things can hold up in a study, I’m sometimes pretty wary. One of those things was visualization… I mean, surely you can’t visualize yourself losing weight, and just lose weight without doing anything, right?

It wasn’t until I started reading some articles from Jack Canfield & John Assaraff that I finally decided to try some things out in my own life – and in the process, I found something else crazy.

In 1996, an amazing study was done to see just how powerful visualization really is. And it totally changed the way I approach it – and now I visualize my goals every single day. Here’s why.

Here’s What They Discovered (Make Sure You See What I Say From 3:25 on)

The Visualization Experiment

In Dr. Blaslotto’s study, they asked a group of students to take a series of basketball free throws. The researchers first counted how many shots the students made, and then the students were divided into three groups and asked to perform one of a few different things over a period of 30 days:

  • Group 1 was told not to do anything with a basketball for 30 days, and to not practice or do anything
  • Group 2 was told to practice shooting free throws for 30 minutes every day for 30 days
  • Group 3 was told to visualize making free throws and making the shot, every day for 30 days (with no physical practice involved)

Now here’s where it gets juicy…

After 30 days, the students were told to come back and the researchers had them take the same number of free throws.

Here’s what they found:

  • Group 1 (that didn’t practice at all) didn’t improve at all
  • Group 2 (that practiced physically for 30 mins/day) improved by 24%
  • Group 3 (that only visualized taking shots), improved by 23%

Insane huh?

The group that visualized the shots only were ONE PERCENT less than the people that actual took shots – and we know now that your brain often can’t tell the difference between a visualization and the things you see in reality.

The 5 Minute Daily Focus Routine Used by Olympians and the World’s Most Successful Folks

Every single morning, I do a quick five minute routine, and here’s what it entails.

I visualize my life a year from now – and I visualize two key things: How it FEELS, and how it LOOKS.

So let’s say your health is the #1 thing you want to improve – here’s what I would visualize:

I feel incredible – I see myself waking up in the morning, and I spring out of bed energized, happy, having fun. I walk into the bathroom to the mirror, and I’m pleasantly surprised by what I see – I’m 15 pounds lighter. I look a lot younger, I look less tired, I look stronger. I see myself going through my day happy – without any speed bumps or roadblocks whatsoever.”

I look much healthier, younger, “tighter” – I look a lot less flabby. I see the clothes fitting right, I see everyone commenting me saying, “Wow, you look great! Those clothes fit you perfectly.”

I then go on to apply this to every aspect of my life – whatever needs changing. Maybe it’s my job – visualize the look and feel of the new one.

Maybe it’s changes that need to happen in a relationship, in which case I visualize how I want the relationship to look and feel on a day to day, moment-by-moment basis.

Maybe it’s just feeling a bit “eh” in life; so I take time to visualize the feel and look of the life that I really want to be living.

And you know what’s nuts? Every year since I started doing this, the next year my life was dramatically different – often eerily aligned with the exact things I visualized.

Adding just a few minutes of visualization to the day can sometimes mean the difference between achieving the goals you want – and persisting even when you aren’t seeing results – and failing.

Do you currently visualize anything in your life – why or why not? Share below.

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– Alex

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  1. I can’t say I’ve ever tried visualization (except in labor with my children), but I’m willing to give it a try to get these last 40 pounds off.

    1. Yvonne – try it! I’m telling you it’s made the biggest difference in my morning, where I’ve usually struggled with happiness, motivation, etc.

  2. Alex,
    Love it! Do you know if there is any evidence that visualization is more powerful when combined with mediation? Thx!

    1. Hey Lizzie –

      You know i’d be super curious about that too. I’ll see what I can dig up :-). Maybe meditation puts you into the right focused state of mind to make visualizations more effective?

  3. It is a fake report that no one can verify. See this discussion http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/8531/is-visualisation-almost-as-effective-as-practice

    1. Interesting thanks for sharing Martin! Will check it out

  4. i started visualizing my life a long time ago
    and still i am obsessed i feel so great i do it for even hrs and z tng is i was just happy tnking abt it zt i dont even need to hv it in real life so i say it might also be bad cos it may make u simple dreamer zn struggling to make ur dream come true and by z wy if u also hv any wy zt can help me to spend more time on reality zn sentimentality u ar very welcome


    1. Let me know how it works for you, Mary – great to have you here.


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