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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

My FREE guide & email course will show you how the psychology of HABITS can make you lose those 20-30 pounds, have more energy and a better life even if you’re a busy professional.

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The Dream Body 5 Pillars

We’ve covered a lot of goodies in the past two weeks.

(Just a heads up: Dream Body: the Anti-Diet Solution opens up this Monday, May 5th at 1 pm EST. Join the waiting list here.)

Quick reminder:

A. It will fill up VERY quickly.

B. It’s only open for 5 days, and I only open it TWICE a year.

C. Last time I said It was seriously underpriced and would double the price… and I did. And it’s been totally revamped so the price is going to double again next time.

This past week I’ve been covering some of the juicy, nitty gritty principles, systems, and similarities found in dozens of people who have lost 100+ pounds, naturally, and kept it off years later without calorie counting or following fad diets.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Amanda’s almost 100 pound weight loss story and interview. How she went from having about 15 chronic illnesses, requiring half a dozen pills per DAY just to have regular bowel movements, to a totally different person. Listen to it here.

Amanda Story

The straight truth about getting your dream body in 2014. The majority of successful people (long term), rather than focusing on willpower and discipline, instead focus on creating micro habits, implementing systems, and creating processes that do not let them fail. There is the illusion that success comes from willpower and effort – not necessarily true. Watch that video here.

4 common reasons you’re failing to reach your health and weight loss goals. When I speak with students and clients, so many people tell me “I’ve failed because I’m lazy and unmotivated, I lack discipline and willpower.” But realistically, this is NOT true! I bust some other major myths in the article here.

Sol’s transformation: from 300 pounds to six pack interview. Sol was a “big guy” his entire life, and as a musician his lifestyle wasn’t exactly contributing to good health. Sol shares his “real food” philosophy as well as some of the systems he used to stay focused and motivated to lose 130 pounds.You can listen to it here.

 Before and after

The one simple nutritional principle behind all successful “diets” and weight loss lifestyles. A Yale professor was essentially taken on by a research company to look at all the evidence FOR and AGAINST all the major diets. He found one principle that was similar among all the diets. Watch the video here.


One Final Training This Thursday

dream body screenshot

Before I open limited registration for Dream Body: The Anti-Diet (mark it on your calendars, this Monday, May 5th at 1pm EST registration opens), I’m going to introduce you to a few specific case studies.

We’re going to talk about Daniel: the video game designer that lost 130+ pounds.

Lauryn: the single mother that lost over 100+ pounds with a long commute each way, while going to night classes.

John: A guy who spent most of his life not caring about his health, who

Amanda: A graduate student with almost a dozen health conditions that ended up going away… she went from requiring half a dozen medications just to have regular bowel movements and a predictable GI tract, to incredible health, vitality and energy.

Sol: The lifelong overweight guy who went from 300 pounds to six pack and martial arts superhero.

And many others.

And the key principles they all embodied, all in one place.

NOTE: Dream Body: The Anti-Diet Solution Opens This Monday May 5th

Just a quick reminder: Dream Body: The Anti-Diet is opening this MONDAY.

Also, don’t forget:

It will fill up very quickly, it’s only open for 5 days, and the price is doubling next time I open it. So now’s the time to check it out.

Make sure you get on the early bird list here.

– Alex

Please leave a comment below – what would you like to see MORE of in the health industry?

More emphasis on lifestyle?

More emphasis on integrative health?

More emphasis on habit change?

More emphasis on alternative approaches (eastern medicine, ayurveda, etc.) to health and weight loss?

Tell me below.

And jump on the wait list here.


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