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How to Trick Yourself Into Eating More Veggies (3 Daily Habits)

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Everyone *knows* to eat healthy food like vegetables.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t used to eating them (or having your kids eat them), it’s like trying to eat a poo-flavored lollipop.

Immediate retching at the thought of eating Broccoli.

And to be honest, I wasn’t always good about eating more veggies and having a more plant-based diet, until the last year or two where I started implementing three daily habits.

The best part?

I still eat the stuff I want, I just add in the stuff I need too.

Here are the three habits I use daily.

The +1 Principle For Eating More Veggies (And Healthy Food)

What Are Your Thoughts?

I want to hear from you below.

Besides the three habits I listed above, what else would you add to the list?

What else personally works for you (or your kids?)

Just comment below.

– Alex

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  1. Hi Alex, your three tips for adding more vegetables are great. I also use three more: (1) Make a big pot of vegetable soup on the weekend, with whatever in-season veggies — or even frozen ones — you like. Then season it differently on different days to add variety: maybe chili powder, salsa, curry paste, cumin, ?? (2) Especially for kids: cook veggies until soft, blend and add to your regular recipes, such as spaghetti sauce, chili etc. (3) Keep a daily log and challenge yourself to reach 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, then try to hit 10 a day! (That’s my current goal, sometimes I reach it and sometimes I don’t, but it’s a fun challenge!)

    1. Love these Patricia! So how do you get your kids to eat them – by mixing them like you said?

      1. My kids are in college now and eating many more vegetables 😉 but when they were younger, they were turned off by “lumps” of vegetables in their food. But if I pureed the veggies (say, cooked squash), for instance with a hand blender, I could add some to chili or spaghetti sauce along with the tomato sauce (also super-healthy) and they wouldn’t even notice.

        1. Aha! Super sneaky 😉 Glad it worked


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