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How to NEVER Set A New Year’s Goal Again… But Still Become the Top 1%

How to Quit Smoking, Save $300 a Month And Lose Your First 10 Pounds in the New Year - By Using The Psychology of "Nudges"

My Guilty Confession

Let me be honest here for a moment. I’m human.

What that means is this: I have never once, never once, stuck with my new year’s resolution for an entire year. Not even close. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever followed through for more than six months.

As a result, I don’t set new year’s resolutions anymore.

But what about you?

The new year is the prime season for setting weight loss and health goals… but research suggests that only 8% of you will achieve your goal.


Too much, too soon, poor planning, goals that aren’t “S.M.A.R.T.”, as well as other unforeseen consequences.

Why we fail doesn’t matter as much as how to succeed though, right?

The real key lies not in motivation, proper information, or subtle tips and tricks. In lies in something called the “psychology of nudges.”

I share how to actually succeed at quitting smoking, eating healthier, saving $300 a month or losing those first 10 pounds – and keeping them off – and achieving any other goal in this new year in the video below.

 Achieving ANY Goal is Actually Pretty Easy… So Why Do Most of us Fail?

The truth is that to achieve any goal in life you only need three things:

A. Proper information (good information)

B. You need to do the work, create the habits, and engage in action

C. You need accountability, or some process to keep you regularly going through step B.

… That’s it.

The problem is that we constantly change A. We keep changing our information when we fail, right? If we fail on a diet, we rarely go back to it. We go to a new one.

But in reality, all we had to do was go onto step B and C. And really put step B and C on steroids. It’s un-sexy, but that’s how all the “top achievers” reach their goals.

Use The Nudges… And Master Step “C” To Actually Be The “Weight Loss 1%”

Thoughts on this stuff?

What have you used to keep yourself accountable in the past?

What has worked? What hasn’t?

Tell me below.

– Alex

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  1. I agree that action is the only thing truly required from one’s part in order to succeed. You could read tons of books, articles, manifestos, and so on, and yet, if you don’t act upon the information that you’ve drawn from them all, it would be useless.

    Another thing I’ve noticed about goals/resolutions is that less is more. The less things you focus at a time, the more likely it is for you to achieve them.

    1. Hey Lina,


      “Another thing I’ve noticed about goals/resolutions is that less is more. The less things you focus at a time, the more likely it is for you to achieve them.”

      Again you are spot on. Most people choose too much. The very simple act of only choosing one goal dramatically increases your chances of succeeding.


  2. Hi pple…
    Thanks for the advice. I agree that action and focusing on a few resolutions really does help to keep them.

    By making so many resolutions most of us tend to even forget the resolutions we made


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