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How to Make Your Face Thinner Fast (With Celebrity Before and After Pictures)

how to make your face thinner - oprah face before and after

Maybe you’ve gained a little bit of weight, and you notice it in your face.

Maybe your cheeks are a bit fuller.

Maybe there’s a little bit of a double chin showing or just extra skin there that you didn’t notice before.

How do you actually lose weight just from your face, or your cheeks, or from your neck? That’s what we’re talking about in today’s article.

How To Make Your Face Thinner Fast (in a Healthy Way)

First, case study #1: Oprah Winfrey.

Look at Oprah in the picture below. You can see in her bigger picture that there’s the fullness in her face and neck. And even how her clothes fit her.

Look at the cheekbones and look underneath the jawline.

Then look at her after picture, and just focus on her face. There’s a pretty big difference. But the only thing that actually happened was that she lost a little bit of weight— or in this case, probably a lot of weight.how oprah made her face thinner

But there was no secret methodology, mostly likely no facelift or anything cosmetic done, just a bit of weight loss.

Now, another person here is Gary Vaynerchuk. Take a look at him before. He commented that the first thing that he noticed about getting fitter was that he was so much more attractive than before. He said, “I wish I would have known this earlier.”

Look at his face before when he was working 16 hours a day and not taking care of himself. Look at the fullness in his cheeks. Then check out the after picture below, where he lost 15-20 pounds.

Forgetting anything about his physical body other than looking at his face, take a look at the difference. Pretty amazing right?

He’s 5-10 years older in the picture below, and besides the grey hair, looks much younger and more attractive.

And just to reiterate – that’s just because he lost weight – there’s less physical flesh, there’s less mass and his jaw looks much more defined. In both men and women, the jaw will become more defined and look more attractive.

You could even look at Charlize Theron, who usually plays the seductress in movies for her beauty.

Look at the role she played in Monster, where she had to gain 35 pounds to play the role of a distraught prostitute. Look at the difference in her face in the before picture. It’s really hard to believe that’s Charlize Theron.

Look at the size of her cheeks, how puffy they are underneath. Look at the un-defined jawline and what overall lack of shape she has.

Then, take a look at the after “normal” picture below.

This is after the 35 pounds had been lost and she was back at a healthy weight. That’s a massive difference, and she didn’t do anything specifically for her face. The only thing she did was she lost weight.

Well, what should I really be doing then to make my face thinner?

Let’s talk about the most important factors.

“Can You Make Your Face Thinner By Just Losing Fat In Your Face?”

how to make your face thinner fast - your habit for today

Everyone asks me, “How do I lose weight in this area – like my face?” Generally, you can’t really. It’s called spot fat reduction.

As you get more toned up, you’re going to start seeing better lines everywhere from your face to your butt, and all the way down to your ankles. You’re going to lose weight throughout the body. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll lose weight evenly, throughout your body, because that’s also affected by genetics.

The problem is where people store their fat. This sometimes depends on the gender, genetics, and even race.

Some people may store it more in their butt. They may be more pear shaped. Some people may get a lot of abdominal belly fat. Others may notice their arms and face ballooning before everything else.

But the truest path to a thinner face is just two things:

  1. Lose weight (here are 101 ideas for how to do that)
  2. Throw in weight bearing exercises for even more toning


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