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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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The Sneaky Internal Barrier Preventing You From The Optimal Health You Deserve


The Lesser Known Solution (Behind 83 Pounds of Weight Loss):

Reddit Weight Loss

Incase that’s too small to read, here’s what it reads:

Wow I think you read my mind. I’m down 83 pounds, but I just pigged out on a mix of Taco Bell and mcdonalds. YOu have to move on. Accept the fact that maybe you’ll never be able to fully stop, but you absolutely can cut it down. Tonight was the first time in two weeks that I’ve had fast food. It’s still more than it should be, but just a few months ago I was eating that kind of garbage every day. Staying fat and broke, when I had every opportunity to be healthy and wealthy. I know that but still I gorge on burgers, fries and tacos. It’s a lifelong battle, friend. As long as your body will continue to get hungry, you will continue to think about those terrible foods and terrible portions.

Something that helps is instead of saying, “I can’t eat that anymore” say, “I don’t eat that anymore.” Just remember why you started in the first place, and continue the journey. A cheat meal is not the end of the line, unless you let it be.  Just make sure your next meal is what you know it’s supposed to be. Don’t hate yourself. You have to love yourself, truly love yourself if you ever want to find the motivation to continue. You have to believe you’re worth it.

Sorry I’m so wordy. Just please, whatever you do, don’t stop now. We all need you. We need your success to motivate us, we need to see your determination and willpower so we can know that the hard work does pay off. Who knows how many people you will save just by being healthier and inspiring others to do the same?

Changing Your External Lifestyle (Diet & Exercise) is NOT The Only Thing You Need to Succeed:


Did you notice what the person above just shared?

What kind of truths might they be telling you about obtaining long-term optimal health?

Are there maybe some internal stories in your head preventing you from reaching your health goals in 2013?

Let’s see, they mentioned a few things:

  • “You have to move on” (just keep swimming)
  • “Accept the fact…” (stop trying to fight things internally, accept it)
  • “It’s a lifelong battle, friend.” (Keep your head up- just keep making moves)
  • “A cheat meal is not the end of the line, unless you let it be.” (Psychology – one loss doesn’t ruin months or years or progress)
  • “Don’t hate yourself. You have to love yourself if you ever want to find the motivation to continue.” (Self-esteem)
  • “We all need you, we need your success to motivate us” (The successes of others motivate us, you inspire others)
  • “Who knows how many people you will save just by being healthier and inspiring others to do the same?”

The Real Reason We Fail to Achieve Our Health Goals


Everything I give you in order to fix chronic pain, lose weight, or fix a health problem caused by modern life frequently falls into one category: the specific tips, tricks and strategies to apply.

But there’s one massive reason why most people actually fail:

Our mind.

And there’s another often overlooked aspect of why we succeed:

Our mind.

More specifically, the stories we tell ourselves in our mind. I’ll give you a few:

  • “I haven’t been able to lose weight/fix my back pain/improve my overall health because I’m just lazy I guess”
  • “I don’t really have much time these days”
  • “I don’t deserve this”
  • “I just don’t feel in control”
  • “I’ve tried so many times… I always end up failing. There’s no point in trying because I’m just going to fail again.”

I hear these time and time again from many of you, in emails, in comments, and in many other mediums. We’re dominated and overrun by our mind.

I’m sure you’ve even noticed yourself thinking these things, right?

“Damnit, WHY don’t I have any more willpower!? I wish I could just resist stuff.”

Here’s the thing: these stories are holding you back because they’re lies.

We lie to ourselves. Except we don’t do it on purpose. We really believe that we’re lazy or that we “always fail no matter what we try,” we really believe that we don’t have much time for even 20 minutes of something that will improve our lives. We really believe that we don’t “deserve” it. We really feel like we aren’t in control.

How to Knock Your Goals Out of the Ballpark in 2013


Maybe I can leave you with this one last closing remark – yes you need those physical things to improve your health. Yes taking yoga and improving flexibility will improve chronic pain, yes eating more proper meats and plants will reverse diabetes, and yes starting to move a little bit more in daily life will improve your health and get you off blood pressure medications.

But it can’t possibly take you the entire way.

Just like the 83+ pound weight loss story author shared, your mind has to do that. You need to regain control over the thoughts, lies, stories, and beliefs in your head. You need to master those to succeed in the long run.

You need to carefully observe what kind of stories you are telling yourself – and then let them evaporate like a cloud. Only once you do that can you realize just how much your mind has been holding you back from the health you want and deserve.

This article is a bit less tangible than many of the ones I write – but health is inseparable from the mind.

Tell me below


What kind of stories or repetitive thoughts have you noticed in your head, in regard to improving your health?

They often fall into a few categories:

Beliefs about what it takes (to achieve your goals)

Beliefs about what you’re capable of.

Beliefs about how it should be.

Leave a comment below sharing one of these beliefs holding you back from attaining the health you want.

– Alex


 Image: freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. From what I have read so far I can not afford your program and it is designed for younger people not over 60 and for people that cook their own means not eat out. Due to our travel each day we eat out every meal except for one or two on weekends or when we visit friends or family or holidays.

    1. Hi Karis,

      Actually, the majority of the people in my programs are age 40-70, not younger people. It just takes some creativity to be able to apply these ideas to your lifestyle.

      What’s the toughest part for you?


  2. For me, I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned fear of failing. I used to be in total control of my life, then my company shut down our office site and I took early retirement because I felt no one would hire someone my age, and certainly not at my salary.

    Between the lifestyle change and a long distance move, I began gaining weight. Dieting didn’t seem to work and each time I gained back pounds, it enforced a feeling of failure. I know it’s all in my mind, as you point out, but I can’t seem to get past the cravings.

    Is there any real hope for me?

    1. Hi Maris,

      Of course there’s hope!

      Let me ask you this: when do you usually get cravings, and if you know this – why?

  3. Hi Alex,

    all of this is so true. Over the last few weeks of following you, I’ve become more aware of what I’m doing to sabotage myself. One thought that crops up a lot is – I’m really tired but have so much to do, so I need something to eat to keep me going. Even if I’m not hungry! How ridiculous!

    I have started asking myself if I’m actually hungry now, and if the answer is no, then I try to do somthing else – walk around the garden, have a glass of water, have a ten minute sit down.

    It’s easy to think – I’ll never lose all this weight, but I try to remember how much I’ve lost so far. It is slow at the moment, but the more I notice what and when I’m eating, the quicker it will be.


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