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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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The Jim Carrey Guide to Having Crazy Energy Every Day

Carrey Energy

Jim Carrey possesses the secret to having crazy energy every day.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with what you eat, or how much you exercise.

And no, it might not have anything to do with eating less or the presence or lack of certain vitamins.

What if it’s purely about the story inside your head?

The Jim Carrey Guide to Having Crazy Energy

Check out this clip of Jim Carrey from an event with Eckart Tolle, the spiritual teacher:

One of the things he talks about is how his big realization was that “I am not my mind.”

And he realized how whether or not his mind was adding commentary to his daily life could determine – more than anything – whether or not he was really happy or unhappy day-to-day.

The same is ironically true of something that appears to be as tangible as energy, and here are some stories that help illustrate that.

The Kid in Love Theory of Energy

There’s a story I heard ages ago about a kid that’s smitten and completely in love with his girlfriend.

It’s the only time he’s ever been in love, and his whole world is the girl he’s dating.

Unfortunately, a few months into the relationship, she calls him and says “Alex, I want to take a break.”

He knows what that means – she wants to break up with him.

The kid is crushed, and he spends the rest of the week just lounging around home, not showing up for work (and getting fired), letting the dishes pile up and make a mess. He lets his hair grow out, doesn’t shower, and doesn’t really do anything at all because has has no energy to keep going on.

So he just sits around and stagnates.

Weeks go by, and he repeats this exact same cycle every single day.

No energy to do anything, so he just sits on the couch vegetating.

A week later, his girlfriend calls:

“Alex, I had some time to think and realized I made a big mistake, you were the best thing that ever happened to me! I’m in town again, can you meet at the coffee shop in an hour?”

Suddenly, the boy with “no energy” magically ends up showering, cleaning his entire apartment, doing every dirty dish, vacuuming every smelly room, throwing out every pizza box, shaves off his entire hobo beard… and is down in a coffee shop in an hour to meet her.

What changed?

No vitamins or nutrients changes. No green juices were introduced. No exercise was done.

It was purely inside the mind – but where?

The Costa Rica Effect


During a period of my life where I was working 12 hour days for multiple years, and was dancing very close to burnout, I had a hard time waking up every morning.

I would drag myself out of bed (even after sleeping 8, 9 10 hours), and even though I ate right every day and was exercising daily, and doing “everything right,” I still complained of having no energy.

So I knew that maybe something else was up.

I ignored it for a few weeks, since I knew I had a vacation coming up with my family to Costa Rica.

And get this, on pretty much the first day in Costa Rica, we ended up going on a wildlife tour to see some sloths and cool animals in the jungle there, but the catch was that we had to be up at 5 am.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, one of the best parts of vacation is not having an alarm clock.

But here was the thing: I slept 5 hours, but never had an issue with energy all day.

Not once. Not only on that day, (without coffee), but the entire trip too. I didn’t have energy issues once, sleeping hours less than I was used to, getting up much earlier, and more.


I didn’t change what I ate and magically get 1,000x more vitamins. I didn’t change exercise, even though we were outside all day. I didn’t magically gain more nutrients or vitamins I was missing.

It was the mind.

This love + Costa Rica effect is something I’ve paid very close attention to ever since.

The Inner Game of Energy


Look, it’s very fashionable to talk about new detox fads, teas pills and potions, but sometimes we can be doing all those things and not have any more energy whatsoever.

And in these cases, it’s simply a matter of what’s going on between the ears.

The Hour By Hour Energy Breakdowns

If I find that I’m changing all the external circumstances of my life, but I’m not getting any more energy from exercising, eating right, meditating, and more, then I do something that I call my hour by hour breakdown.

If each of the things I have to do on my daily routine is a + or a -, I simply write out my schedule and then label everything hour by hour.

Do they drain the batteries or recharge them?

Here’s what I often hear from parents:

  • Morning getting the kids ready: –
  • Commuting stressfully to work: –
  • Work (job that’s eh, and stressful): –
  • Coffee in the afternoon with friend: +
  • Dinner with family: +
  • Chores, errands, getting kids ready for the next day: –
  • Reading in the evening: +

Look at how many things + (recharge your batteries or are enjoyable, thus give you energy) and how many are – and thus drain your energy or require energy to do?

It’s funny, people come to me wanting all kinds of miracle cures and special diets, but sometimes it’s just as simple as quitting a job you hate, fixing your relationship, or changing around your routine so that it’s actually more enjoyable.

So what can you do to change around your schedule so that at least one of those hours in the day actually inspires you?

What can you do that will give you energy instead of take it away?

Your Tiny Habit For Today

Tiny Habit for Today Thumb

Having more energy every day is not just about drinking green juices, sleeping better, and helping your digestion get a little kickstart.

It’s as much internal as it is external, just like motivation, which varies massively depending on your mood, how happy you are, how much your life inspires you, etc.

Don’t forget the “boy in love” theory of energy, and don’t forget the “Costa Rica effect.”

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of creating a life that actually inspires you, and finding more of those “+” moments each day.

What are your thoughts?


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