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7 Ways The Book “Master The Day” Will Change Your Life This Year

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Let’s be straight here: I’m a little bit biased.

I think this book coming out soon is pretty awesome.

Not like in a literature kind of way, but in the “YES… something that isn’t another diet fad and can help me get to the root of what’s going on here” kind of way.

I get that your time, energy and money is limited, so I want to show you – before it’s available – 10 ways I think my book Master The Day will change your life this year.

Note: Here’s where you can get all the details on the early bird bonuses here.

#1 It’s a Non-Diet Fad Approach

You might love or hate this – but I’m a big believer that although food is important, it pales in importance compared to one thing: getting that being successful has nothing to do with our diet.

It really just has to do with two key things: A. The inner game – how do you keep going long after the honeymoon/romance period? How do you keep going if you aren’t seeing results? How do you get back on track if you just had a guilty binge/cheat day?

And the second is habits.

Research has repeatedly shown that the only major predictor of whether or not we succeed at long term health changes is not about the plan we’re on – but whether or not we do it.

I know, I know – it’s so obvious. We know that. But HOW do you do that? That’s what I tackle here.

There’s literally only one page in the entire book on what to eat. I want you to focus on habits.

#2 It Focuses on The Real Origin Of Poor Health

I often tell the story of emotional eating clients to cite the idea that the origin of poor health has little to do with food.

Yes, if I put crappy food in my body it will make me sick in the long run.

But why do I put crappy food into my body? It has nothing to do with food, really. It’s about how we cope with work stress, change, a marriage that’s failing, or a job we hate.

It’s really about how we cope with the daily ups and downs of life.

So going back to a person that’s an emotional eater – would giving them the “perfect diet plan” for their body type really help them?

Or – despite knowing exactly what to eat – once the work stress hit, would they still require some cake and chinese takeout?

You be the judge if this person really needs “yet another” diet plan.

#3 The Solution I Give You Isn’t “Yet Another Diet Plan” That Won’t Work a Month From Now

Along the lines of #2, In the book there’s only one page on what to eat.

I really want to drill home the idea of picking simple habits, and then sticking with them – for a long time.

I don’t give you a diet and leave you, like so many books do.

“YEAH! Here’s my new medically approved 14 week shred program that’ll turn you into your 20-year younger self. Just follow these three simple steps…”

Maybe the plan is awesome.

Maybe it isn’t.

But either way, a year later, can you really say it changed your life?

I show you how we can overcome perfectionism, how to get over those guilty binge days, how to stay consistent with a habit you never have before in your life.

And most importantly, I just give you the behavioral tools that help you look and feel amazing – long after you read the book – and with whatever plan you decide to follow later in life.

#4 It’s Based On Where I See Students & Clients Succeed – Not Theory

This is based on stuff that works.

It’s based on strategies I’ve used in my own life, for many of my successful students, which combine old school success principles, habit changing techniques, and more.

And this isn’t like my own unique, revolutionary formula that I deciphered from the gods while doing acid in some god forsaken jungle.

It’s simple: I see a lot of people fail, and a few succeed.

And I can tell you for a fact, I put in a lot of the principles that the successful group do.

How do they approach portion control?

How do they approach motivation?

How do they approach willpower and discipline?

How do they approach getting sidetracked and derailed?

All of their best-kept techniques are in here.

#5 It Talks About An Important Aspect Almost No Health Books Do

The most overlooked aspect of being successful is – hands down – the mind.

The entire first half of the book is the Four Horsemen of the Health Apocalypse.

And these aren’t stupid things you already know like, “Diabetes is bad.” They’re mindsets. Thoughts about health. Ways we approach the long game of wellness.

How many of us struggle with motivation?

Or the emotional guilt hangover after we binge eat chocolate cake or beer.

Or how about trying to keep going and start over – yet again – after decades of struggling?

It’s all an internal game.

And achieving most goals in life are an internal game – because there’s almost always going to be a lot of failure, struggle, uncertainty, and “risk” involved.

How do you really know you’re going to get the payoff? You don’t when you start. So how do you keep yourself going? That has to come from you.

HOW you do that is where it gets hairy.

A large portion of Master the Day – in fact, the first 1/3 or so, talks about the inner game, psychology, etc.

#6 I Show You Why So Many of us Struggle – And Repeat The Same Cycle Over and Over

There’s always a story behind the story.

Whether I’m working with someone who is an emotional eater, or someone who has been on the hamster wheel for ten years, my job is always to uncover the story behind the story.

Sometimes it’s the same stressor a person experiences over and over like their work, or their spouse.

Sometimes it’s the result of abuse as a child, where a parent said, “you’re always too skinny, eat more” which then persists into daily life a decade later.

Once we understand our own story, then we can re-write it.

#7 At The End of the Day, It’s About Living a Good Life – Not Weight Loss Or Health

You might find this a bit weird – I actually don’t really like talking about weight loss that much.

It’s strange because that’s what I talk about all day long here, but what I really like talking about is living the good life.

I LOVE seeing people start coming up with a vision of their dream life – and then going for it – no matter how scary it sounds.

And you know what I realized?

Poor health only matters for one reason, and one reason only: if you are physically disabled or mentally anxious about your fragility, you can’t live life. There’s always that low level of anxiety and fear surrounding life.

And that sucks.

So when I talk with people, I realized that getting them back to good health is just a vehicle for them to live out their lives doing what they enjoy most.

And I’m positive Master the Day will help you live a better life.

Just a reminder, you can join the early bird list here. I’m giving away a TON of goodies for anyone that buys it – to make it an absolute no brainer for you.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your YouTube videos, emails, website and most importantly the book “master the day” I’ve yoyo dieted all my life and consider myself quite an expert on every fad diet out there. So it was a welcome and much needed breath of fresh air to stumble across your videos on YouTube. I’ve managed to lose 90+ lbs and have managed to keep it off for the past 1 year give or take a few lbs and one of the most important contributing factors has been approaches like yours, which tackle the mental aspect of dieting and behavioural patterns. I love the book and think it’s truly fantastic so thank you I had to leave a review because I think your approach is the breakthrough the diet industry so desperately needs which helps individuals like me implement tiny habits that over time produce massive results. Keep up the great work and if you ever doubted how important and substantial the work you do is, please accept my note as confirmation that you have helped me change my life for the better in so many more ways than my weight management.

    Thanks again


    1. Aretha,

      That’s amazing! Congratulations, this is amazing. Would you mind shooting me an email so we can talk more? Very eager to hear your story.



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