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Here's How to Lose Your Next 20-30 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Even If You're a Busy Professional or Mom)

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The Painful Truth: Why We Eat Food That’s Bad For us – And We Know It

Why do we eat food that destroys us - and we know it's destroying us slowly? I've had mutliple friends who have been very serious drug addicts, heroin addicts, and more - and one of the things I'm so struck by is something interesting. People are so used to hating on drug addicts as if there's [...]

The 3 Key Steps to Reach Any Weight Loss Goal 10x Faster

How do you stay focused on your goals? In other words, you may have tons of goals you're working on, whether they're fitness goals, financial goals, relationship goals or travel goals, but then you go on Youtube or you go on Instagram and you get side tracked. All this stuff gets thrown in your face [...]

The Magical Pill For a Better Life – Are You Buying It?

Everyone wants the magical pill for a better life - the steroid of a better life. The better relationship, being more fit, being richer, being happier, but in reality, there's only one principle we need to keep in mind. It actually sounds a bit esoteric, but really it's the foundation of all success and why [...]

How to Get Fit When No One Believes in You – The Brutal Truth

Success is often a lonely road. That's something you often don't hear lots of people saying, but among people who are going after their goals - whether fitness, or life - is often a reality. What happens though when you have had that "I'm tired of this crap and need to change" moment...but no one else [...]