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Here's How to Lose Your Next 20-30 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Even If You're a Busy Professional or Mom)

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How to Stay The Course At Just About Anything: The Discipline Trifecta


How do you actually do the habits you know will get you to where you want to be... if you hate doing them? We constantly hear stories about the great athletes, olympians, business magnates and writers forcing themselves to grind things out day after day, but have you ever wondered if there's another way? There [...]

10 Lessons From 10 Years of Exercise – What I Wish I Knew Then


I've been going to the gym every week for ten years now, and there's a lot I wish I would've known back then. Originally, I started working out because I hated how I looked (a pretty typical story). Eventually, it became something that was inseparable from my day, where I felt like absolute crap if [...]