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Here's How to Lose Your Next 20-30 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Even If You're a Busy Professional or Mom)

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Do You Want An Easy Life or Do You Want a Great One?


This weight loss article was originally inspired by an article with a similar title here. Most of us tell ourselves a completely made up story about our health & weight, because feeling good now is more important than the truth. Nobody wants the truth. Nobody likes it. The reality is that we would rather lie [...]

Staying Consistent In The Gym Used to be Hard: Then I Started Using “The Habit Pyramid”

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When I first discovered this, I felt like what Einstein must've felt like discovering relativity, almost like I had figured out the underlying fabric of reality. And in fact, this one daily habit has produced more success in my health, happiness, and life more than any other habit I've done before. It's something that I call "the habit pyramid." [...]

4 Of The Most Common (Yet Least Important) Nutritional Questions About Weight Loss

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It's painfully ironic. What some people view as the most important questions behind what to eat and do to lose weight, sometimes are the least important. So if what we're focusing on doesn't matter, and if what we aren't focusing on, does matter, what are we supposed to do? Focus on the right stuff. Here's a closer, tactical look [...]

The 21 Day Tiny Habit Weight Loss Challenge. You in?

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Most of the health advice on the planet is absolute crap, and it doesn't matter whether it came from an M.D., a PhD, or some dude living in his parents' basement. The advice is awful because it swings the pendulum too far in one direction - remove carbs, go low fat, eat more cardboard, avoid [...]