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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

My FREE guide & email course will show you how the psychology of HABITS can make you lose those 20-30 pounds, have more energy and a better life even if you’re a busy professional.

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The 30 Second Pantry Cleanout Challenge: Do You Have What it Takes?

Pantry Cleanout Challenge

If I gave you a 30 second habit that could help you lose 5 pounds, would you do it – today?

Welcome back to this free training series leading up to the enrollment of dream body.

In the very first video, we ended up talking about why you need to keep going after that health, body and life dream no matter how many times you’ve failed before.

Because you know and I know how important this is to you.

In the last video, I introduced you to five modern health monk success stories.

In that article, I wanted to show you how the average person, ranging from super busy moms, even single moms, to busy people over 50, to young 20 somethings and everything in between – how they changed certain key habits and lost 10, 20 or even 70 pounds.

In today’s video, let’s jump into a very quick win that anyone can do anywhere in the world – it doesn’t matter what your restrictions are, it’ll help you get results.

The Simple Power of Changing One Habit

I introduced you a bit to Shannon’s story, and one of the reasons why I loved her story was because no one believes me that you can change one habit, and lose 30 or 50 pounds.

That’s exactly what Shannon did.

She didn’t have time to exercise as a busy mother with a full time job, so she asked herself, “What’s going to be my one thing?”

Her one key habit was this: she was going to cook.

Now, even if you have all kinds of things popping up in your head, “this takes so much time, it’s so expensive, blah blah blah” – that’s not the point.

The point is that one habit can make a huge difference.

In today’s video, let’s talk about a very quick pantry cleanout exercise that by itself can help you lose your next 2-5 pounds (or more.

The 30 Second Pantry Challenge: Do You Have What it Takes? Step 1

The Pantry Snapshot – Getting Slapped In the Face by Reality

Pantry Cleanout Challenge

I want you to go in your fridge like this and look at your shelves from the top to the bottom.

You’re going to divide the top shelf into the white shelf, and the bottom shelf into the black shelf.

In the top shelf, you’re going to put anything that’s whole, natural, or unrefined.

These are things that are one of the following:

  • Are obviously a meat, a vegetable, or something like dairy
  • You can describe to a child how it’s grown or produced
  • It has an ingredient list less than 3

As a general rule, ingredients list of 3 things or less are almost always a surefire win.

On the black shelf there below, you’re going to put everything like pop tarts, eggo waffles, or other processed things where you aren’t sure how they’re actually made, besides the fact that they come from a factory.

Again, for now just put them on the second layer there of your refrigerator.

Next, I want you to grab any fruits or vegetables and put them on the top there too.

And here’s the kicker: after you’ve done that, I want you to actually take a picture to provide physical evidence to yourself (so you can visually see) the ratio of good to bad.

You’ll be taking a snapshot (literally and figuratively) of what your pantry looks like, because sometimes that’s what it takes to prove to ourselves what trajectory we’re on.

Step #2: The Pantry Snapshot & Going Berserk

Pantry Cleanout Challenge - packed fridge

Once you’ve taken that mental snapshot, I want you to put your hand around the middle drawer, the black drawer, and just start chucking things in the garbage.

Just go berserk and chuck them in there.

I don’t care if it’s a lot of money or it’s a full bottle, get the crap out of there.

Commit to throwing away at least some of those things, and at least just visually show yourself: wow my fridge is really skewed in that direction?

Or, you might realize: wow, my fridge is pretty good.

Realistically, there’s going to be a lot on that second drawer, which is going to provide a lot of insight into what you’re actually putting in your body.

Couldn’t You – Even on Your Most Stressed Day – Change Just One Habit?

Throwing away unhealthy food (not the chocolate!)

Now this quick pantry cleanout sounds a bit flip:

“Really Alex, you want me to throw a bunch of stuff I paid $50 for in the garbage?”

Here’s the thing: it’s just to illustrate a very simple principle.

Don’t you think that maybe if you just did that, just changed one habit, maybe you’d eat better for a couple days or even a week?

Do you think maybe you could lose 2 or even 5 pounds?

Well, that’s just one habit.

What would happen if I gave you five more of those habits?

One habit helped you lose 2 or 5 pounds, what would happen if I gave you five more to lose 10 or 20 pounds?

Do you think you could do that?

I mean, this habit took like five minutes, and it doesn’t matter if you’re old or tired, it doesn’t matter if you’re lazy or don’t have much discipline.

This is the power of changing just one tiny daily habit.

The very simple power of picking one nutritional habit, and changing it each day.

Imagine the impact that might have over the course of a month?

A hundred days?

A year?

365 tiny, daily habits.

Don’t you think that no matter how tired you are, no matter how little discipline you have – you could at least do this pantry cleanout?

Do you think you could do some of the other small habits?

So what would you really say is stopping you from reaching your goal? That’s one of the things I want you to consider here.

Dream Body Enrollment Begins Next Week

Dream Body Anti Diet Logo PNG

Tell me below what else is stopping you here from achieving these health and weight goals here.

Now in the coming videos, before I open enrollment for Dream Body, I want to show you how it’s not about being more disciplined, having some kind of crazy fitness regime, restricting yourself all the things you love, and all the miscellaneous B.S we’re typically spoonfed.

It’s simpler than you think.

Not easy, but simpler.

For now, just leave a comment below here.

(You can get on the early bird list for Dream Body right here).


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  1. My pantry is actually already really well of but I get the point is just to eat better. Better proportions most of all in my case because I may have a little too much dairy.. but thanks! I’ll keep up with your habits!

    1. Let me know how it goes for you Elias 🙂


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