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Wondering What You Should Really Be Eating to Lose Weight?


Eat More Lose More BundleEver wonder, amidst all the crappy health information online, what the truth is behind what the heck you should actually be eating to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way?

That’s what Eat More, Lose More is all about – the core premise is that you eat more of the right stuff, you lose more weight – no calorie counting involved.

In fact, this is the exact formula Lamine followed to lose 66 pounds in 7 months, without calorie counting.

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Regain Control Over Cravings & Emotional Eating


Food control program in macIs your life dominated by the re-assurance that food will always be there for you, no matter how insane or crazy or unhappy your life may be? Do you constantly have emotional eating cravings, cravings for sweets or salty food, and binge eat?

Do you just want to regain control over food, so that you can live your life again and regain your ideal health? The Food Control Program will help you do that.

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Discover The 6 Key Daily Habits of People That Lost 100+ Pounds, and Kept it Off


Dream body in macDiets are not how you lose weight long term. How do I know this? I interviewed dozens of people that lost 100+ pounds, and kept it off years later naturally, and I discovered 6 key habit triggers that have allowed them to do this.

Dream Body: The Anti-Diet Solution teaches you each of the six key habit triggers that has allowed these people massive success, and leverages them into a 6-week training program, including a daily habit lesson video application.

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