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Some Thoughts on The Future Of Medicine

When I first got sick, I had no concept of how the modern medical system would chew me up and spit me out ten years later.

It started with a general practitioner – a great guy, who referred me to a nutritionist.

The nutritionist had a big “?” thought bubble above her head looking at my blood work, before referring me to a G.I. specialist.

The G.I. specialist talked to me for under five minutes before essentially saying, “let’s probe you with a robot” (colonoscopy) before telling me about his trip to Jamaica he just booked (which occupied six minutes – one minute longer than the treatment).

After walking out (without taking his advice), I saw a host of other alternative practitioners – which became a seven year, very expensive journey to figure out what was going on.

Interestingly enough, it was Chinese medicine that first offered an explanation (and the best results I had seen so far).

And, gratefully, it was being “sick” for so long – without any answers – that gave me the fire I have today.

It makes me sick that people like me have to see 10, 15, physicians – western, eastern, and everything in between – to actually get to the bottom of what is going on.

It makes me sick that there are millions of people in my own country alone (maybe tens of millions) who aren’t getting answers from their doctors, their health care providers, or even their alternative providers.

It makes me sick that there are people far more sick than I was, literally in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, laying in bed waiting for death to take them.

And it makes me sick that there are people who can fix them – if only they had more skill, or exposure, or both.

And it makes me sick thinking that 95% of the humans on planet earth have health problems and that physicians and the modern medical system now are the third leading cause of death.

There’s a revolution brewing – and in my opinion, Traditional Chinese Medicine is going to have its grand opening.


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  1. Hello Alex,
    The problem with the so called Medicine is that the name is basically a hoax. Yes they have all kinds of gadgets and that is their problem. Knowledge and experience have been lost to technology. Today’s greatest problem for a medical worker is how to put all the technology to use in order to pay it off. Whether that is necessary or not doesn’t really matter. In addition to that they have to service the cravings of the Pharma Industry. Vast billions of cravings. Bottom line: you are not a patient any more but a customer. Your health is a potential money making machine.
    Keep the good work up!

    1. Very true Peter! Appreciate the insight.

  2. I fully agree with you, Alex. My mother was prescribed 27 pills at one time in the 90s and now she is on just 3, but all of them mess with memory so now she has prescrupto on drug induced Parkinsonism and should be living in a care facility then she is only 65. I went with her to her primary care MD and he literally said “I don’t know what changing your diet will do for your health. You can make some common sense changes but I don’t know if thats going a to actually improve your health” I was furious and flabbergasted he would say that. My mom has consumed only candy bars, pastries, salami sandwiches and energy drinks for the last 15 years. Of course changing her diet will have a huge impact on her health!!

    1. Stuff like THIS, Angie, is what drives me every day.


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