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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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Which One of These 3 Stories is Holding You Back From the Health You Want?

Last year some time, I got an interesting email from a woman:

“Lol, Alex, you don’t know what it’s like AT ALL – I’m a mother with 5 kids… the LAST thing I want to do is come home and cook after going to work (and working more at home with my kids).”

It’s funny, because it’s true.

I don’t know what it’s like to be a mother with 5 kids, or 12, or 35.

(But seeing as about 90% of my students are busy mothers over 40, I think I know what I’m talking about ;-)).

Consider the story of Lauryn – one of the case studies I interviewed, dissected and studied for the Dream Body program.

Click here to see Lauryn picture

100 pounds over her natural body weight.

A SINGLE mother.

While going back to graduate school to improve the situation for herself and her son.

With a two hour commute.

… And she lost 100+ pounds. (You can read her full story here).

No magical unicorn fell from the sky and said, “Today’s a good day to start!”


No, princess Peach and merlin will not tell you “well, you better start today!”

Here’s the thing: Lauryn didn’t have perfect information.

She didn’t magically know what to do off the bat.

She didn’t have all the time in the world (she got up BEFORE work) to exercise or laboriously cook meals for hours.

And yet she still managed to lose an unheard of amount of weight.

Think about it – because right now, your mind might be going crazy, “Well yeah, she could do that because she isn’t 60 years old, and she only has ONE kid, not five, and she didn’t have <xyz health condition or life circumstance>.

The average person at this point immediately has their BS meter go up and think, “yeah yeah, that worked for her, but not me”

The successful person really thinks about it: “Wow, cool, so let’s take a look at some of her daily habits, and start implementing. Let’s see how it’ll go.”

Sol was overweight his ENTIRE LIFE and never ate a vegetable in his entire freaking life before turning into one of the most amazing transformations I’ve seen.

Amanda had dozens of health conditions: Cystic acne, IBS, depression and more vanish – by focusing on these prescriptions.

Daniel went from spending three HOURS a DAY on the toilet to have a bowel movement… to, well, having a functioning G.I. tract. And that’s not even including all the weight he lost.

None of these people had insane hours of time to prep meals, none of them did P90x workouts that destroy your knees, none of them had the perfect plan when they began – they just started.

So Here Are The 4 Steps to Look and Feel Really Amazing This Year

So far we’ve gone through the entire process – A-Z for losing weight in a healthy way, focusing on habits.

Doing the math of your dream body:

We talked about “dream body math” – really sitting down to figure out some of the key daily habits that might get you there.

If you haven’t read that already, read it here.

5 reasons I hate the health industry… and why you probably do too.

Next, I shared with you 5 of the deepest, most personal reasons I hate the health industry.

Typical B.S. diet advice like “just eat fewer calories” almost never works long term for the average person because they aren’t fun or sustainable.

If you haven’t read that one already, read it here.

The 1,2,3 iPhone technique to figure out what to eat every day, when, and how much.

There’s no excuse for being confused about what to eat, since I showed you how research has shown (+ my 400+ successful students) that real food performs best when customized to the person.

If you haven’t seen that yet, read it here.

Which One of These Things is Holding You Back?

“What do I eat???? When? How much!?” (What should I really be doing anyway?)

We talked about how the Yale scientists found without a doubt that real food is most effective-  not removing food groups, etc.

“Lol, Alex you don’t know what it’s like being a single mother with 12.5 kids. The LAST thing I want to do is cook” (Time, stress, energy)

We then went into specific case studies: my dream body student (a single mother AND entrepreneur, if that wasn’t enough stress), who lost 4.5 pounds her first week just from one habit we talked about.

I showed you how simple nutritional principles don’t require you to cook (although that’s ideal).

And then how even simple habits (like the one Ryan used), have helped people lose 20-30 pounds in a healthy way, even if your emphasis is just wellness and feeling great.

Yes, Ryan implemented ONE HABIT and then was PATIENT!

“I’m just exhausted at the end of a long day…plus I don’t want to give up all the delicious food I love. Oh and I sit all day.” (Willpower)

Then we went into how you don’t have to be perfect – if you could live without sugar for the rest of your life, would you?


Life would suck! I’m a dude, but I love red wine (European family), and I like having a cupcake every now and then

Removing all the pleasures from life is not the way to be  successful since it just triggers binges and relapses.

We also talked about how it’s NOT about willpower: how food is a lot like a drug, so fighting it makes zero sense.

Instead, picking simple habits, simple nutritional habits, and simple “inner game” habits is the way to go.

Now there’s no excuse for not knowing what to eat… or not having enough time… or being a single mother with 14 kids, 2 elephants, and 6 pet hyenas (I know it can sometimes feel like that)… or someone who works 12 hours a day and sits at a desk (I do too)…

Real change is possible despite all these things holding you back.

Share with me how your situation is different, and how you think it’s been holding you back here.


P.S. I just got another email this week from a case study I highlighted a few months back: Boris.

Here’s what his email said:

Boris Updated


That’s 46 POUNDS total lost! Insane.

When I featured Boris’ study months ago, he had “only” lost 20 pounds.

And now, the simple habits kept working for him with patience – and he has lost over double that.

Small habits, done daily, over time.

It beats fad diets, discipline and willpower, and all these crappy gimmicks any day.

What if you knew exactly what nutritional habits (& otherwise) to focus on to look and feel amazing.

And each day you just had to spend a few minutes improving those?

What kinds of things could you make happen this year in your life if you started focusing on this approach?

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