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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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Follow the 1,2,3, IPhone Technique to Figure Out How Much You Should Be Eating Every Day


I’m glad that went over well.

Earlier this week I wrote an article about the 5 things I hate about the healthy industry.

And to be honest, I think it’s stuff YOU probably hate too (I hope it resonated).

It’s the typical “diet” stuff you know:

  • “Let’s give everyone the same plan regardless of whether or not it’s a mom or a 22 year old dude.”
  • “If my client fails, it’s their fault because they didn’t force themselves to do grind it out workouts.”
  • “All people, including 60 year old women should do P90x!! Yeah bro!!!”


Man it’s exhausting sometimes dealing with morons.

This is 2015 people, we want something BETTER than that crap.

We get that health is about soul, and emotions, and LIFE, and yes, dreams.

What if I told you that your biggest dreams play a massive role in your health?

They do.

And just like we talked about in the first part of this series, we sometimes put things we care about on the back burner and use excuses like:

  • “I’ll get around to that Paris trip sometime – that European retirement plan.”
  • “I’m going to get back in the gym in a few weeks, I PROMISE (we meant it but didn’t 100% actually plan on showing up… hehe).”
  • “There’s just not enough… time… money… resources…right now.”

Stop it!

Listen there are loads of health sites out there you could be reading, but I bet none of them will tell you to go for your dreams, because your HEALTH (and very life) really depends on it.


And if getting your dream body is a game changing life goal for you, I can help.

Let’s start with a very common question I get.

“How do I know how much I should really be eating every day?”

Some years back, an independent research group commissioned a Yale professor to analyze most of the major fad diets out there.

And he wanted to see which diet was most effective for long term weight loss, including Atkins, Paleo, Mediterranean, and others.

Guess what he found?

The most successful people didn’t follow a specific diet, and they didn’t remove food groups (like carbs, or fat – thank god).

Instead, they JUST ATE REAL FOOD.

(Sound familiar????)

Here’s what’s cool…

They were also “fat and carb selective” – so instead of removing these groups, they just ate the right fats, and the right carbs.

That means brown rice instead of white. Whole wheat instead of white.

But that still doesn’t answer the question of “how much?”

Thankfully, I’ve got a cool strategy you can implement that’s 100% intuitive –meaning, NO calorie counting, NO restriction, and NO stuff that sucks and isn’t fun.

… And yes you can still eat cupcakes and drink wine 😉

Awesome huh.

Enter: The 1, 2, 3, iPhone Intuitive Eating Technique 

New plate smaller

Here’s a simple principle I observed in dozens of those people I shared earlier – the ones dream body is modeled on, and the exact strategies I use with clients – yes, individuals have literally lost 100+ pounds using these.

So pay attention.

The 1, 2, 3, principle.

The 1,2, 3, principle is simple: you follow this order for stacking food on the plate.

1 – Iphone (think of it like the “I”; the #1 looks similar)

2 – greens

3 – carbs

When you structure your meal, I want you to take out your phone for reference.

I don’t know what kind of phone you’ve got, but I have an iPhone 5- somethin’.

And the 5- something is about 2” wide, by 5” long.

If you model your protein to the size of your phone, that’s a perfect size for weight loss.

For men, you can increase it to 1.5x your phone.

For women, the size of your phone is perfect.

That’s #1. Meaning, you make sure that’s #1 on your plate.

If you get that down, you’ll naturally stay fuller, have fewer cravings, balance your blood sugar, etc. You won’t have to force yourself to eat less – you naturally will.

#2. Greens.

At each meal, this is your #2. Even if they’re greased up in butter.

Second thing is you use a fist full of greens.

Imagine reaching your hand into a salad bowl, and taking a heaping handful – that’s how you want to think about this.

#3 – Carbs.

The spot that’s left on your plate, that’s for your carbs.

See how this is so easy?

It’s natural, it’s intuitive.

It’s like legos or building blocks – you have a clear priority for each meal, and an order, and it’s foolproof and difficult to mess up. 

“I literally work 12 hours a day, commute 3 hours, and have 12.5 kids – how am I supposed to do this without any time?”

Here’s why this is so cool…

  • You can do this when you eat out (don’t have to cook). When I go out to spots, I’ll ask them for extra protein (double if it’s a salad), and I’ll swap the carbs for veggies.
  • Both men and women can use this – with slight tweaking ( we talk lots more about how to customize this, especially for women, in Dream Body).
  • You can still eat the stuff you like… just do the #1,2,3, iPhone technique first. That’s the coolest part. Still eat the good stuff, but if you start with this you’re going to get two things – fullness, being satisfied, and nutrition. And those two things make a big change in your health.

We’ll talk more about how you can sneak in exercise and workouts if you’re a super busy professional, or mom, but that’ll come later.

And yes, you can see dramatic results with this way of eating – look at Nichola: 

Think you have to FORCE yourself to eat less or calorie count? <Shudder>

Think again – check out what Nicola said:

“I’ve lost 6 pounds in 6 days… I’m pretty sure all these things have had a huge impact hence all the weight loss without any exercise or diet at all…”

– Nic

Nichola Testimonial

That’s the exact email she sent to me.

These are the kinds of principles my course Dream Body: The Anti-Diet is based on.

Real, natural foods.

Real, natural principles.


SUSTAINABLE results – ones you can keep long after the 12 day romance period ;-).

Early next week, we’re going to talk about how you can use habits to fit in some exercise even if you’re the busiest CEO (or mom) on the block.

What’s been the biggest nutritional struggle for you? Share here.

– Alex

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  1. If I eat that few carbs, I’m still hungry afterwards.

    1. Hey D.C. – it depends plenty on the individual, their habits, lifestyle, etc. as well. What do you typically do throughout the day?

      – Alex

  2. The hardest thing for me is when I’m running around in the car all day long. I don’t eat fast food but when I finally get hungry, and don’t want another salad, there are very few good choices on the restaurant menus.

    1. Hey Letty –

      Totally valid there! What if you came up with a strategy plan, e.g. you picked 5 restaurants you really liked that had really good food based on your goals – and then you let yourself choose one of those as you drove around?


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