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Almost All Mainstream Weight-Loss Advice is Full of Crap

I bet that the weight loss industry scares the hell out of you.  Am I right?

There is some much stuff out there, so many scam artists, and so much misinformation. Who do I trust? What do I try?

The story usually goes something like this:

You realize that you need to lose weight – either because of a doctor’s visit, or because of some kind of vanity-ego fear (don’t worry, it’s okay).  You see a TV commercial, or you see a newly-fit friend, or your spouse starts getting healthy.

So what do you do?  You first go through Google, Amazon, or a friend’s advice to solve your problem.

Then you test something out. Maybe you experience a little improvement — but it doesn’t last long. You lose a couple pounds, then slowly slip back into your old ways.

Maybe you stick to something for even a few months – like my family friend who came to Christmas one year 50 pounds lighter – but then you relapse later (the following Christmas he was his previous weight plus some).

“Okay, that failed. It’s alright, time to take a break for a few months then I’ll try something new. I’m discouraged but I won’t let it break me yet,” you tell yourself.

A few months later you feel pretty unhealthy, or a “new study” or “new book” comes out, or you see that cover on People magazine with all the bikinis or six packs, or a friend loses a ton of weight.

You decide it’s time to try again. You go onto the next thing to test. But the same thing happens.

A few months later you’re back at square one. You get frustrated.  You get angry with life and pissed off that “this crap doesn’t work.”
You decide to just go back to your old ways.

“Why does it have to be so hard?” you ask yourself.

On and on and on this cycle goes, for many of us, until the day we die (usually of something entirely preventable by eating the right food and living the right lifestyle).

But guess what — did you ever stop to think that if you keep changing diets (and the diets don’t work long-term) maybe it’s not the diet that needs changing?

I created a free 9-part weight loss course different from anything else in the world because, instead of focusing on diet, I focus on Psychology and diet.

What’s In the Free Course?

Alright, there are 9 lessons in the free weight loss course that will be delivered to you via email.

Here’s what’s in the free class:Weight Loss Crash Course 3D Book Cover (PNG)

  1. Lesson 1: The One Secret Mistake Everyone Is Making When They Diet
  2. Lesson 2: Why All Diets Fail
  3. Lesson 3: The Quickest, Easiest Way to Lose Weight By the Weekend
  4. Lesson 4: One Thing You Are Probably Doing That is Causing You To Gain Weight
  5. Lesson 5: Why Your Orange Juice is Slowly Killing You
  6. Lesson 6: Why Most Diets Are Total BS
  7. Lesson 7: “Healthy Foods” That Are Actually Bad For You
  8. Lesson 8: How to Guarantee Success in Virtually Anything You Do (Including Dieting)
  9. Lesson 9: Ask Me Anything!


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