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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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What I ACTUALLY Eat in a Day (To Be in the Best Shape of my Life)

Salad ten times a day, double workouts per day, complete removal of sugar… they’re all things I don’t do, and yet still have a flat stomach year round.

You know when you follow people online who just love showing you how much effort they go into to make food?

I first meticulously massage each blueberry before I toss it into a pancake.

I take two to three hours to pick eat lettuce leaf and kale piece for maximal nutrient intake.


Most of the people shooting videos like that don’t even do that.

Let me show you the real truth about what I ate today.

What I Really Eat – Shocker! (Sarcasm)

Surprised? What About You?

Yup… no carefully massaged blueberries.

No salads ten times a day.

And no, I don’t work out every day either.

Well, surprised?

I’m curious, before you go, please leave a comment below sharing this:

What do you think it takes in your own life to get – and keep – a flat stomach year round?


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  1. Thanks for the ideas, Alex. I think you also have a video on having a green smoothie every day. My biggest challenge is making sure I have stuff on hand to eat. How often do you go to the grocery store?

    Here in Arizona though I can’t keep apples in my car or they will become baked apples! LOL

    1. Hey Diana,

      Personally I go to the grocery store 2x a week – and that seems to work well for me. Right now in my life, I eat out one meal a day, and usually cook the rest.

  2. hi, loved your recipes, and have watched a couple of your videos too. loves them all
    thanks raj

    1. Thanks Raj, hope they helped.

  3. Cool. You make it easy. Why the red wine?

    1. Because it’s an enjoyable part of dinner, hah.

  4. weekly calory deficit or at least no surpless.
    120g+ protien on average per day..

    that’s it


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