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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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The Surprising Reason That Almost 40% of Doctors are Overweight

doctorThere’s one extremely important aspect of health that I guarantee 99% of you are neglecting – which is potentially the reason you’ve been struggling to reach your goals.

Now, before we jump in, I just want to shoot out a quick reminder: Dream body: the anti-diet solution is opening in 3 days, on Monday morning (May 5th). If you haven’t already, join the wait list here.

So let’s talk about that one last key principle.

The Big Picture

I’ve told you that the people that really get this (and see results, long-term) understand a few key principles:

#1 Systems and Habits, Not Willpower and Effort – The most successful “dieters” or people who transform their health, happiness, and their body, focus on implementing good SYSTEMS and good HABITS.

Their continued success (and the fact that they can actually maintain weight loss unlike most people) is because of something called the “compound effect.” It’s the same thing that happens when you start investing at 25 years, old rather than at 40. Remember this chart they showed you in school?

Investing earlySource: Business Insider

This is the power of continual, small habits, done regularly, over time. Massive success – whether that’s financially, or with your health.

But there’s another biggie, quite possibly the most important aspect that virtually NO DIET guide or guru addresses: weight loss is about PSYCHOLOGY – and this is quite possibly the #1 most important thing.

Let me address some very concrete examples of how this kind of stuff is preventing you from reaching your health goals.

Problem #1: You Don’t Need More Information

#1 Why do we know what we should be doing… but we just don’t do it?

Almost 40% of Physicians are Overweight

Almost 40% of Physicians are Overweight

I get dozens and dozens of emails from what appear to be the exact same person: he or she says something like this:

“Alex, I need some help! I keep reading the same things over and over and over… I already know what I should be eating – real food, meats, plants, stay away from white flour and sugar – but I’m not losing weight. I’ve been on Atkins, Paleo, the Alien Plankton Diet, the Spider Monkey Diet, and so many others… but I’m not closer to my goal. Do you have a huge revelation that can help me?”

Notice what’s going on here.

A. She knows what she should be doing.

B. She isn’t doing it.


Loads of psychology, bad habits, poor systems, and lots more.

Another example:

Smokers that “know” they have to quit. They’ll smoke a cigarette right in front of you and say “I know I know… I can hardly walk up a flight of stairs. My doc says my heart’s going to give out. I’ll quit soon, I just need to <wait for the second coming of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc.>”

What’s going on here?

The same reason why almost 40% of doctors are overweight, is the same reason you’re most likely being held back: information is just one TINY piece of the puzzle.

Yeah you need the right information, but information alone never helped anyone achieve anything in life.

There’s a world of difference between knowing what you should be doing for your health – and then taking that one small step today towards doing that.

Psychology and behavioral change are the missing link here.

How would a diet help a person like this?

The answer: it wouldn’t. Because that’s just giving them more information, which we know is NOT what they need. Dream Body is simplified: it’s an actual SYSTEM. (You know, step by step? Just 6 steps). Not an information dump.


Problem #2: We’re Defeated

Here’s another very common issue I run into helping people improve their health or lose weight.

When I’ve asked many of you why you haven’t attained your goals, you tell me:

“Why bother trying again? I’ve failed so many times before that I’m exhausted, and I’m tired of failing (yet again, it’s inevitable). I’d rather just eat whatever I want and enjoy my life than have to start this entire cycle all over again.”

Powerful right?

Tell me, once again, how would introducing another diet help this person?

It won’t, of course. Because this person has layers of internal habits, limiting beliefs, and psychology they have to overcome before they can even begin again.

Psychology and behaviors, right?


Problem #3: You’re Suffering From “Wedding Day Syndrome”

Why do 99% of new year’s resolutions fail?

What I call “wedding day syndrome” – they are too focused on the EVENT – wedding day (losing 30 pounds by summer for beach season) rather than focusing on the PROCESS – weight loss never ends).

This is what I call “process vs event” thinking.

Most of us are “event-based” thinkers.

We think “IF I get that promotion… then I’ll be successful.”

“I want to lose 30 pounds BY beach season.”

“ONCE I attain XYZ, THEN I’ll be happy.”

Obviously, these are all lies we tell ourselves (we don’t even realize it).

But here’s the problem: event-based thinking leads to failure, especially in health and weight loss, because health is NOT an event – health is a process. It never ends.

Repeat that.

Weight loss never ends. It’s an ongoing process, an ongoing bundle of habits, behaviors, and psychologies you need to maintain.

Noticing a trend here?

Yup, the top 1% fully understand the role psychology (your mind), and your behaviors, play in weight loss and health.

The Real Solution

This is the real strength and real uniqueness of Dream Body: the Anti-Diet.

Not only have I never seen another weight loss program that emphasizes the role of psychology (and your mind) in weight loss, I’ve never seen something go into this much detail.

This is really important, because the solution doesn’t lie in diets – It lies in two things:

A. Understanding your own psychology – behind failure at dieting, money management, happiness, relationships lies BEHAVIORS and beliefs.

B. And then applying habits and systems.

This is the real reason why we continually fail – right?

Failing to be in good health, believe it or not has the same origins as failing to save money (despite wanting to), failing to pursue personal dreams/ambitions (despite wanting to), failing to leave a job we hate (despite CRAVING it).

The origins are our behaviors, our psychology, and our habits. This is the missing link.

And that’s where Dream Body: the Anti-Diet stands out.

Just a final reminder: Dream body opens THIS Monday (May 5th), so stay tuned or join the wait list here.

–  Alex

Leave a comment below: What’s one psychological belief, or barrier, an internal dialogue occurring over and over that you think is preventing you from attaining the health, weight, and happiness you want/deserve?

Tell me below.

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