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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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Why Every Single Diet You’ve Ever Tried Has FAILED You (And the #1 Thing Causing You to Fail)

“Alex, I swear, no weight loss program has ever worked for me.”

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This is a crazy common concern I hear over, and over and over.

Most often, someone has been on the dieting or crash diet treadmill for 10, 20 or 30 years – decades – and they aren’t any closer to long-term health and weight loss than they were before.

They’re worn out, frustrated, tired of spending money, and just want to quit – figuring that they might as well enjoy life rather than feverishly keep on trying diets.

Here’s the thing…

I always kind of pause and think when I have a conversation like this.

And that’s because the solution is often pretty clear to me: it’s not the diet that needs changing (it’s not the diet that has failed you), it’s you that needs changing.

In other words, the diet didn’t fail you. You failed the diet.


(And no, there’s nothing wrong with you – keep reading).

In other words, what’s the common thread underlying your inability to see results?

The diets keep changing – so the constant was you. So there’s something going on in your own life, your behaviors, your psychology, your habits that is causing you to repeatedly fail.

And THAT’S what you need to be addressing, not the next diet you’re going to be on.

It’s because you aren’t addressing the underlying reason – the origin – for your weight gain.


A personal story first

I was speaking with the father of a friend recently, and his story went something like this:

This guy used to be a high school football player, who was at a healthy weight for his height (he was big, but healthy – about 190 pounds at 6’2″).

While he was active in his youth and exercised, he continued to lift weights as he got older, but never changed his crappy “football bulking diet” and he managed to keep ballooning in weight.

200 pounds.

250 pounds.

300 pounds.

Now, at 6’2″ he was clinically obese, and was suffering all the typical health issues – no libido, messed up sleep, sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure.

He said, “Alex, I’ve been working with a personal trainer for about a year, but my weight hasn’t changed that much. I’m still obese… any idea what’s going on?”

“I’ve done the diet treadmill, but I keep failing over and over and over because I’m an emotional eater. There’s just nothing that makes me feel as good as cracking open a couple beers and getting some takeout after a long day at work. I KNOW it’s holding me back, I just don’t know how to fix this behavior or re-write it.”

So he failed 100% of the time because he did not address the UNDERLYING cause – emotional eating, and his cravings.

I then asked him the following: “So why haven’t you implemented some strategies to fix your cravings and emotional eating?”

“I’m not sure… I guess I’m just lazy and unmotivated, and tired of failing again honestly.”

He was lying to himself! 

The truth is that he wasn’t lazy – he had this story over and over in his head, where he told himself he was lazy, and that’s why he wasn’t seeing results.

But the truth was that he wasn’t addressing his emotional eating – so no diet on earth was ever going to help him unless he addressed that first.

And in fact, I hear this over and over and over from people: “I’m lazy, unmotivated, I have no discipline and lack willpower.”

But these are all MYTHS – and they are merely symptoms.

And willpower and discipline often fail in the face of cravings.

Video: Is My Metabolism Preventing me From Losing Weight?


10 second summary: 

An overweight woman thinks calorie counting has failed her and doesn’t work, because she’s tried it and she isn’t losing weight.

Researchers test her metabolism, and verify that it is 100% normal and within typical numbers.

Researches then ask her to record all her food – because she asserts that she only consumes a certain number of calories a day – at the same time researchers measure her caloric intake.

What they found was that she recorded about 1,100 calories a day.

But the researchers found that she was actually eating 3,000 calories a day – 3 TIMES the amount she claimed!

In other words, her weight gain was just a symptom. If she understood the underlying cause – in her case, she wasn’t accurately recording calories – she would see results she desperately craved.

So it wasn’t the system she was using – calorie counting – it was that she was approaching it in a faulty way.


Laziness is a MYTH: Regaining Control Over Cravings – The Free Training Series

Remember, if you are not addressing the underlying symptoms, which are often NOT what you’re eating, you won’t see improvements on ANY program.

And that’s why I want to bust one final myth: the myth that you’re lazy.

I hear this from so many people, almost constantly, when I ask them why they have failed to regain control over their emotional eating and their cravings, or why they haven’t seen results in their own weight loss efforts.

So this week, I’m going to be giving a free email series.

(Note: to ensure I don’t spam those of you that don’t care, you will need to sign up to receive it, only 3-4 emails for this specific issue).

First, I’m going to show you some science behind why I think laziness is a myth. And it’s often NOT that you’re lazy – you’re just trying to apply a failing strategy to emotional eating and cravings, so that you can lose weight.

Cravings functional almost identical to a drug addiction. And trying to use willpower to stop emotional eating is trying to tell a cocaine addict to “just stop doing drugs!”


So this is going to be carefully tailored for those of you that want to lose weight – that KNOW that emotional eating is holding you back.

I’m also going to be re-opening the Food Control Program for a few days only, so you should be on the email list so you don’t miss it. You won’t receive the free training or notification when the program opens unless you’re on this list.

We’re going to dive DEEP into the “willpower” myth – why willpower usually fails us, why science PROVES that it’s a crap strategy for long-term weight loss for emotional eaters, and what you should be doing instead.

I’m going to hand you an actual formula – what I call the Food Control Formula – which helps you discover your  own personal triggers/cues/sequences that set off your cravings, and then the step by step process to stop it.

Remember, address the origin, not the symptoms. This is to address the root of your weight issues – something that no diet will fix.

Just enter your email below and you’ll get the free training series, starting next week.

– Alex

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