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5 Reasons That I Hate the Health Industry (And You Probably Do Too)

why I hate the health industry

In the last article in this series, we talked about how if we DO the simple math, looking and feeling amazing is not really as hard as we might imagine.

When you figure out the DREAM vision of how you want to look and feel (getting really specific), it’s much easier to start taking steps.

And once you know “the napkin math,” meaning you’ve literally thought about some of the key habits, behaviors, foods, etc. to change, it’s no longer a pipe dream.

It goes from being this HUGE unattainable scary beast, to something that’s kinda like “okay, I can do this.”

Having said that… I find the health industry both hilarious and sad because of all the same, crappy advice it dishes out to people.

Here are five of the most common, but absolute WORST pieces of advice that I constantly see people dishing out (even if they don’t say it).

1. “Everyone somehow deserves the same exercise and diet plan.”

This makes me laugh.

The health industry and weight loss industry are almost as bad as most doctors these days.

You go into the doctor’s office, and you say, “Doc, I can’t sleep.”

Doc says, “Okay, here you go, some sleeping pills” after a three minute conversation.

If four people visit with the same problem, he didn’t stop to figure out that:

  • Person A can’t sleep because she just got divorced
  • Person B can’t sleep because he has a medical issue
  • Person C can’t sleep because she’s unhappy with her job
  • Person D can’t sleep because he’s in chronic pain

If he took ten minutes, he could’ve figured out what’s really the cause.

This is an almost LAUGHABLE treatment.


But we do the same every day in the health space.

We assume that a 25 year old guy can do the same workout and eat the same foods as a 47 year old mother of two. (Uhhhh…??)

The truth is that each person is very different – sometimes it’s only on the inside (the way we think).

Behind each of us, there’s always a story. And the story is the most powerful force in a person’s life, because it dictates the decisions people make and the actions we take.

It’s the real reason why each of us is the way we are, and once you can figure out the story, you can figure out what’s preventing that person from being successful.

2. “It’s Just About Calorie Counting and Some ‘Simple Mathematical Formula.'”

This one really cracks me up.

It’s yet another overly simplified look at health and wellness.

If it were just about “knowing exactly what to do” and starving yourself, we’d all be slim, happy, and rich.

… But obviously it’s not that simple.

How does this “simple” formula account for the busy mother that doesn’t have time to cook?

Or for the dad that’s an emotional eater who is stuffing his feelings because he’s so burnt out in a job that makes him unhappy?

It doesn’t.

It also doesn’t consider that fact that 100g of broccoli fills you up with anti-cancer compounds, while 100g of oreos, well, might contribute to it.

3. “If You’re Over 35, No Biggie, Just Do What Everyone Under 35 Does.”

woman with honey

I had a woman recently email me (in fact, I’ve had hundreds share similar stories) that sounded like this:

“Alex, I knew something had to change, so I did what was popular at the time: P90x – and at first, I was getting fit and losing weight. But then I injured both of my knees, and now i’m really out of commission since I can’t exercise. What am I suppose to do now?”

Yet another classic example of someone getting bad advice not catered to their age, body type, strengths, weaknesses, personal history, goals, etc.

This advice is flat out dumb.

And seeing as 95% of the people who join my programs here are over 35 and are women – we need to realize that the steps we take to regain our health and look great WILL be different (even if in slight ways), from someone doing a silly “get shredded in 14 days, bro!” program.

For those of you over 35, I know you need something different – something that’s more gentle, dealing with feeling good first, losing weight in a healthy way, and emphasizing good habits to keep it off.

4. “You Just Need to Grind it Out and Have More Discipline And Willpower.”

Yeah… because doing MORE stuff you hate was always the solution to our problems, right?

When I speak with people who are frustrated, boring workouts and boring foods often come up.

Well… call me crazy… but what if you picked something you LOVED to do – and then did it – even if it was just five minutes.

For example, one of my clients hated the gym because she felt like it was “all eyes on her,” so we had her do something that she found easy: walking.

And compared to going go the gym zero times per week (she said, “I’m really planning on going more often” and really was stalling because she felt uncomfortable), we had her do something little one day a week.

Soon, that became every day of the week.

And soon, that became a lot of time, every day of the week.

And it was fun.

Don’t you think she probably saw some pretty substantial changes in her body and how she felt after that?

None of that involved “grinding it out” in the gym or shoving ground up broccoli in her mouth. It was fun.

It was all about small habits.

5. “You’re Going To Have to Eat Less, and In General, Do Lots Of Stuff You Hate So You Can Feel Good Some Day.”

I find this one a bit strange.

Just like how some people give the exact same diet and exercise advice whether a person is a 22 year old guy or a 47 year old mom, the same unspoken assumption is true here too.

It’s such a linear, cold, mathematical way of thinking… which doesn’t include enjoying life, having fun, finding things that motivate YOU, and still leaving time to live your life.

And it doesn’t take a scientific study for anyone to realize that, gee, doing stuff I hate every day is probably not very motivating – and the chances are slim I’m going to stick with it until I’m successful.

We want something NEW in the health space.

Being healthy (and honestly, “feeling well”) now is way, way different from the old paradigm.

We want to FEEL good.

And yes, we want to look good.

But we want MORE from life – we get that health is also about spirituality, about emotions, about whether or not we hate our jobs and how our relationships are.

Health has so many other facets than just calories and hours on the treadmill.

Think about it.

This is so different from the classic health paradigm we hear around the dinner table every Thanskgiving:

  • “Oh the belt is getting tight, time to start cutting down on what I eat.” (dumb, boring, outdated advice).
  • “Starting the new year, this is going to be the best year EVER!!!” (haha, don’t we say that every year?)
  • “I just need to find the right diet for me, and then this’ll be a piece of cake” (silver bullet syndrome, good luck, you’ll be waiting 10 years).

Habits habits habits. Understanding our own inner psychology, the game that we lose if we don’t understand it’s going on.

Dream Body is Opening Soon: What You Can Do To Be Successful

Dream Body Anti Diet Logo PNG

After studying dozens of people that lost 100+ pounds and kept it off years later, and now having hundreds of my own students and clients, I can confidently tell you this:

The most successful people focus on taking a few key habits, and focus on implementing those in their busy life.

It’s NOT about the gimmicks, or the question of “which diet,” – it’s a question of which one are we actually going to do, even if it’s just 3 minutes a day.

Dream Body is my online weight loss course focusing on nutritional habits: and it’s based on the exact daily habits of dozens of people I studied, profiled, interviewed that lost 100+ pounds and kept it off years later.

If you’re thinking you really get down to the origin of what’s preventing short term AND long term results (hint: Habits, and the inner game – our psychology, our past history, our frustrations), that’s how this course is different.

It’s not “yet another” “my unique diet formula found in the Amazon on unicorn poop” thing.

No, in fact, those things are laughable. Because nothing changes until our habits change – no matter how perfect the plan.

Dream Body opens early next month so keep your eyes peeled. You can join the early bird list here.

– Alex

What frustrates you MOST about the health space? Tell me below.

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