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Affirmations And Unlocking Your Inner Success Guru With Erin Stutland – Tiny Wellness Show Episode #2


Welcome back to another episode of the Tiny Wellness Show!

In the second episode here, Erin Stutland works some of her manifesting magic, and shares with us the story of how as an incredible  dancer (and actress, and fitness public figure) she ran into some trouble.

She was a fantastic dancer where she came from, but once she moved to New York City, insecurities began cropping up since the pond became so much bigger.

One of the things she talked about that left an impression on me was her use of affirmations as a key success principle.

Here’s what we go into:

  • How Erin went from beating herself up, to being a hit dancer in New York City using affirmations
  • Her biggest piece of advice for people looking to re-wire some of the negative internal self talk surrounding weight and health
  • How to find exercise that’s actually pleasurable and enjoyable for you – that doesn’t make you hate yourself and your body

You can listen to it up above, but make sure to come subscribe in itunes (link coming shortly).


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