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Here’s How You: The Busy Professional Can Get The Body, Health, and Life You Want – Without Willpower, Discipline or Fads.

About Alexander Heyne

A few years ago, I became curious.

What really separated the top 1% of the weight loss success stories from most of us?

You know, the people in the books, on TV, or the rare individual you hear about.

What are they actually doing that we may not be doing?

And why is it, or how is it possible that we have hundreds of new diet and health books each year, yet most of us reach that point at sometime or another in our life where we look in the mirror and go, “Whoa, that’s me? How did I even get here?”

How is it that we aren’t any closer to where we want to be?

And often, our health and body not being the way it is is just a reflection of our overall life: “What happened?”

Well, I became curious.

What sets apart the 1% that really have the great lives – I’m not talking about these mega rich bankers, I’m talking about ordinary people.

The ones who seem to have it all together. The great health, who look incredible for decades without much variation, who have great levels of happiness, fulfillment, personal relationships and yes finances.

How are they different? But specifically, how are the healthiest 1% different from us? My search led me to a great discovery…

The Discovery When It All Changed…

Lauryn Before AfterSo I decided to put on my researcher’s hat.

I sought out, studied, interviewed, and tirelessly analyzed over 20+ people that lost over 100 pounds, and kept it off years later.

I spent months and dozens of hours on the phone with them – and many more listening to their interviews over and over.

And there were requirements for who I studied.

No diet fads.

No calorie counting.

No extreme exercise.

And they must have kept it off for at least a year.

I spoke with single mothers (like Lauryn, on the right there), young men, older women, super time-starved entrepreneurs and professionals, lifelong overweight people and more.

And I found two things, and only two things, surrounding all the success stories that set them apart.

These two things I later went on to write a book about, and here’s what they were:

#1. Health is primarily a psychological battle (What I call The Narrative).

#2. An overall emphasis on habits rather than tactics, pills, diets, gurus, and strategies. Emphasizing underlying behavioral, psychological change.

That’s when I realized the profoundly simple truth of success: for looking and feeling incredible, we only need to focus on these two things. And these two habits not only produce dramatic changes in our health, but also our lives.

I later learned that the same habits that help us become more successful at weight loss also dramatically boost the success of a person’s actual life.

When I looked around, I realized not too many people were talking about this. They were too busy telling you “what” to do, but never how to do it.

It was always the same old “eat less, move more” blah blah blah garbage, useless advice.

And that’s how Modern Health Monk was born.

To get started, I put together a guide on 5 daily habits you can cultivate, starting today, to lose those nagging 20-30 pounds, boost your energy, fix fatigue, and more – without willpower and discipline, without fad diets, even as a busy professional.

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This discovery, after studying dozens of these people and seeing the same habits over and over, made realize that if we focused on cultivating certain habits rather than jumping from diet to diet, we’d attain all the levels of success we wanted in every aspect of our lives.

So throughout this site I’ll be showing you simple habits you can apply to your daily life for sustainable weight loss and health, as well as getting from where you are to where you want to be in every aspect of your life.

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– Alex