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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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Case Study: Amanda’s Before/After Transformation (Interview & Pictures)

Amanda weight loss transformation before/after

Amanda’s Transformation:

Every once in a while you hear the story of someone with an incredible weight loss story: 100+ pounds lost, their life transformed and completely different before/after shots – it’s as if they’re a new person.

But what I find the most interesting about these transformations is how people feel afterwards, and how it affects their life (the other aspects, you know, not health related).

Sometimes by making health your #1 priority, your #1 habit for the new year, transforms everything else around you – your personal dreams, your relationships, your job, your life fulfillment, everything.

Today I’m going to share an interview with Amanda who lost an insane amount of weight, resolved about 15 health conditions, and completely flipped her life upside down.

Listen here:

Some key points:

  • 2:24 her scary health crisis
  • 6:00 what she ate that caused her weight to balloon up to over 200 pounds
  • 8:02 her defining moment
  • 9:45 her second defining moment
  • 14:17 what she tried to do to lose weight (that failed)
  • 17:05 why she stopped calorie counting
  • 20:17 her mantra to stay focused
  • 22:10 how she dealt with others that didn’t share her goals
  • 25:38 how she addressed the “I don’t have time” issue
  • 31:04 how she dealt with cravings
  • 41:30 the one thing she suggests you should do


What Made Amanda (And Others) So Successful

Amanda weight loss transformation before/after

It would be worthless if I just said, “here you go!” without some further thoughts on what creates these kinds of success stories.

I mean, you could hear it in my voice talking to Amanda: it’s incredible to talk to success stories because they all inspire us.

But what specifically are they doing, that many of you may not be doing?

A couple things, that I often preach here:

#1 They focus on just eating real food. Most of these people don’t calorie count.

#2 They focus on sustainable changes – what I call avoiding “wedding day syndrome” – in other words, they never say “I’m never going to eat sugar again!” They know that weight loss is never-ending, and thus you have to make changes that are realistic – aka micro habit changes.

#3 They focus on systems and specific habit change – rather than massive willpower, effort, and discipline.

… And many, many other key habits.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Now

In Dream Body, the entire program is built around the 6 core habits that these 100+ lb weight loss stories embodied.

…If you understand that real weight loss comes from eating real food, not calorie counting.

…And if you get that habits, not massive willpower and effort, are the true way to sustainable weight loss.

…And if you agree with what I teach here: that behavior, psychology, and SYSTEMS are what separate the 1% from the 99%, you will love this and won’t want to miss it.

It’s closed right now, but It will be opening next month. Click here to sign up for the Dream Body: The Anti-Diet early bird notification list. It’s only open 2-3x per year, so you won’t want to miss it.

Add me to the Dream Body early bird list.

Questions? Leave them below!

Also: Please make sure you visit Amanda’s site at the Curious Coconut – to learn more about her health and weight loss journey.

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