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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

My FREE guide & email course will show you how the psychology of HABITS can make you lose those 20-30 pounds, have more energy and a better life even if you’re a busy professional.

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Freaky Brain Scans That Prove Willpower Won’t Help You With Your Health (Or Your Cravings)

Brain scans combined

Here’s proof that the “more willpower and discipline” approach is dead.

You are going to profusely thank me after this.

Willpower and discipline debunked.

Aka NOT the best way to regain control over cravings & emotional eating so you can lose weight.

Two Freaky Brain Scans

Okay, check out these two brain scans here:

…. So that’s the brain scan of someone who is addicted to cocaine.

I want you to OBSERVE the areas of the brain that are lighting up.

Brain Scan Food Addict

Source: Phys.org

… That’s the brain scan of a food addict.

Notice anything similar?

Yup? Well that’s because they are almost identical.

You see, food and drugs both illuminate the part of the brain called your “opioid” receptors – the ones dealing with addiction.

So food literally functions like a drug.

Eating a greasy burger on a day when you’re depressed is a lot like popping a valium.

It produces real, physiological relief in your brain and your body. A drug!

Would you ever ask a drug addict to just “fight” his cravings for cocaine?

No, that would be silly, right?

But we do it all the time (every day) with food.

Remember, if you don’t address the underlying symptoms – your cravings and emotional eating – no diet on the planet will help you.

It’s like medicine – if you just address symptoms and not the underlying cause, you’ll be doctor hopping for years trying to find the cure.

And the solution lies in systems, not willpower and effort which you now know are powerless (useless) strategies to beat cravings and lose weight.

How Drug Addicts Actually Get Better

How do you rehab alcoholics and drug addicts?

They go through 12 step programs, right?

They don’t just get strapped down in solitary confinement to detox on their own.

They are given a system – because it’s WAY harder than just “fighting” the craving – fighting food isn’t like fighting a cigarette – it’s much worse.

And asking them to just fight it would be stupid right?


They’ve spun this whacked out story that people that are healthy, fit, rich, and in control have insane levels of discipline, willpower and exert legendary levels of effort.

But many of these people have never really been in your shoes, ever!

That is not the fix for your cravings and emotional eating or for weight loss.

The fix is systems.

The 12 steps for AA or drug rehab, right?

The 12 step system for curing cravings or weight loss.

Systems, habits, and your psychology.

Marie’s Happy Ending

Anyway, back to Marie’s story. Remember her yesterday?

She says, “sometimes I feel like this is the only way I know how to reward myself after a long stressful day, or after a fight with my spouse.”

She also once told me that, “I feel totally out of control in life. And the reality is that my life is uncertain, but food is the ONE thing I DO control and can rely on.”

Here’s how she ended up dropping about 32 pounds – by addressing the root cause of her weight gain – cravings and emotional eating.

She thought, “I know that my situation is different from everyone else’s. So I need to figure out my own unique formula.”

Marie sat down and made a list of all the things that set off her cravings – people, places, situations, time of day, moods, etc.

She really went all out and did an exhaustive analysis.

And then she put them in a formula:

My ______ cause + The _______ cause + My unique ________ ability + My _______ weakness = My own cravings cure formula!

… more on this tomorrow.

And this formula became a unique, individualized pocket companion for Marie.

I later called this her own “food control formula” because it helped her regain control over food that was ruining her life and her health.

Months later when I asked how she was doing, she said:

I’m doing amazing… I’ve finally stopped obsessing over food and feel pretty free again. And I think more importantly, I’ve acknowledged what’s causing these cravings – at their origin – instead of just eating blindly.

Your Unique Formula is Everything

So you know that the most successful people do a few things:

– They address problems at their origin (if you can’t lose weight or get healthy due to cravings, you have to focus on the cravings to get the weight loss)

– They focus on systems, habits, and processes – how they program themselves

– They take advice and individualize it into their own formulas (based on their own unique life circumstances)

Now, all this kinda stuff you’ll learn in the cravings/emotional eating program.

It teaches you how to discover your own handy dandy cravings formula (it’s different for each person).

And it shows you a couple of these unique success stories (case studies) and how they managed to figure out what was actually the underlying origin of their cravings and weight.

I’m going to be opening it up shortly (just for 3 days only), so I just wanna give you the heads up.

There’s one big problem though…

There’s One Thing Missing Though

There’s one thing missing from this (and really all health / weight loss).

Have you ever noticed that all these dumb “gurus” tell you what you should be doing… but never actually show you HOW to do it?

It’s like the ultimate blind spot.

“Oh just eat less and move more.”

But they never give you the specific formula to make that a reality and make it happen.

I think this is the biggest blind spot in health.

You hear “eat more protein” – but they always manage to leave out the details.

What kinds of protein?

How much?

Is too much bad for my kidneys?

How should I cook it?

What kinds of protein are unhealthy?

What if I’m a man/woman/pregnant/weight lifting/not exercising?

The SOLUTIONS are in the details, and for some reason they fail to mention those.

But here’s why the solution is left out: they leave it out because it’s hard, it’s your behavior. Your habits. Your systems.

They leave out the critical part because it’s easier to sell you a dumb $19.99 diet book, than walk you through the step-by-step system for behavioral, lifestyle, and habit change.

Aka the real solution. They just leave it out.

So I’m including a one hour recorded LIVE workshop called “Think and Grow Thin” based on Napoleon Hill’s record bestselling book “Think and Grow Rich.”

It’s an in-depth online version of a live workshop I’ve given in person to groups of people, designed to answer that ONE specific aspect of weight loss people are not getting answers for:

“How the heck do I actually apply this to my life?”

“How do I go from knowing what to do, to actually doing it to see results?”

It’s based on the 6 secrets in Napoleon Hill’s book, and is as close as it comes to a formula for “applying” just about anything you know about weight loss… but just aren’t doing.

Think and Grow Rich gives you the step by step formula to get rich – or as close as it gets to that – the few critical daily habits to get there.

Think And Grow Thin (the seminar bonus I give you free w/ the program), does the same – except for weight loss.

It chops the entire process up into just 6 key steps you need to apply regularly in order to see results.

In other words, in the entire world of weight loss – in all the case studies that have ever existed, these 6 principles are at work over and over and over.

It’s the ultimate secret/science behind seeing results. As close as there ever might be for weight loss.

And no, it’s none of this manifesting junk you see in new age circles – these are 6 proven principles – a step by step formula.

Do these 6 things every day, and you are well on your way to being the envy of your friends.

Just one heads up: this bonus you’ll get with the program free – but only for 3 days while it’s open.

So keep your eyes on your inbox tomorrow.


P.S. Next I’m gonna be showing you how to discover your own food control formula.

A major reason people fail to regain control over cravings is the following:

We all have different “eating style.”

We all have different psychological and behavioral quirks.

We all have different issues in life.

We all have different body types.

We all have different emotional coping strategies.

We all have different hormonal balances/imbalances.

… And anything that fails to address ALL of these, will fail to stop your cravings.

I’m going to show you each of these tomorrow.

Also – I’m opening my cravings program and this special bonus tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

You join the cravings program, and you get an equally powerful bonus for free.

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