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Why Getting Your Dream Body May Be Easier Than You Think (So Stop Putting Off The Dream)

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Recently I got an email from someone that went like this:

“Alex…I could use your help here. I’m one of those “time-starved” moms you talk about, running a full house. I’ve got the job, and i’ve got the family, but for the longest time I’ve been wanting to lose a bit of weight… and despite knowing what to do, I’m just not doing it. But I’m at the point where I can’t keep going on doing what I’m doing. Every year I tell myself this year will be the year.”

What’s fascinating is that she KNEW she needed a change, she KNEW what to even do.

But she wasn’t looking or feeling how she wanted.

And worst of all, she was putting off something that was a DREAM for her.

It was a DREAM to fit into a dress again and look sexy without any weird frumpy spots that looked awkward.

It was a DREAM to flaunt herself (even though she wouldn’t admit it being a big driver).

And what I tried to show her was that her dream body maybe wasn’t as far off as she thought – she just had to do some math.

Why Your Dream Body Is Not as Far Off As You Think

STOP Putting Off Your DREAMS!

Before we talk about this “dream body math,” let me loosen my belt for a second.

I’m tired of people putting off their dreams because they think they’re extremely hard or time consuming.

They haven’t done the thinking – the napkin exercise – to figure out what it might actually take to take that trip to Europe, or to lose those 20 pounds and look damn good.

It’s WAY easier to just be like “eh, it’s probably going to take two hour workouts a day” rather than figure out what it would take to lose weight, increase your energy, or yes take that trip to Europe.

It’s mentally lazy to just disqualify yourself and say “I’ll do it next year” than to pause for five minutes and think “What would it really take?”

Here’s how to get inspired and make that a reality.

Step #1… get specific on your vision of how you want to look and feel.

What is the dream?

Seriously, let’s map it out.

Don’t just say “I want to lose weight” – that means diddly squat. Do you want to lose 5 pounds or 50?

Get as specific as humanly possible:

– Do you want more energy?

How does that look in the morning?

“I want to get up out of bed, with only one cup of coffee, and feel amazing even through 3 pm.”

Do you want that dress from two years ago to fit snugly again – with no weird frumpy spots?

Do you want to be able to look in the mirror and see your arms, stomach and legs, and go “Damn I look good?”

Do you want those cravings to go away that have been plaguing you on stressful days?

Do you want to run a 5k soon and impress your friends?

Get it on paper!

And BE HONEST – if you want to look great naked in front of the mirror or you want to “prove to your friends” you could do it – THEN DO IT!!

Don’t hold back.

Don’t just tell yourself “you want to be healthier” – go full out.

Sometimes we tell people socially acceptable responses, “Oh, I just want to lose a bit of weight in a healthy way.”

And maybe we do want that.

But maybe we just want our spouse to crave looking at us with less clothing.

If that’s the case, don’t hide it – put it on paper.

Step #2… Do the napkin math.

Realistically your dream is not as far away as you might think.

And very often we postpone our dreams because we just say “I’ll do them next year” because it sounds like a lot of work.

Ugh, two hour a day workouts? I’ll pass. Raincheck…

Ugh, removing food? That’s the best part of life. NO THANKS.

But when was the last time you considered what it would REALLY take?

Have you sat down to figure that out by emulating someone who has done it or talking with someone?

Have you considered what foods to eat, how often to exercise and what habits to cultivate?

Person 1: Ryan (you’ll hear about soon) added the habit of consuming a smoothie, and lost 20 pounds EVEN THOUGH he did it for health reasons (high blood pressure).

Ryan success story pic

Person 2: Patricia (one of my dream body students) just did a nightly review… and in the FIRST WEEK lost 4 pounds. That’s ridiculous!

What’s more, it’s ridiculous for how simple and NOT time consuming the habit is.

Pamela 4 lbs lost PNG

But all along that’s been my promise – pick a few simple habits, do them regularly, and you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Can we honestly say that if we added one of these habits we wouldn’t see at least a bit of progress?

It may not be as dramatic as this, but it would still be progress.

And what’s more – the dream body scenario would no longer be a dream.

You’d have an idea of what it’d take to get there, and once you know what you want and have an idea of how to get there, it’s only a matter of time before it’s a reality in your life.

What about you?

Share your specific health, weight loss and wellness goals below.

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  1. I want to shed excess fat because I would be embarrassed if I had to remove my shirt in public…I am ashamed of my body!

    1. Hey Ron –

      Thanks for being honest! I think sometimes we say we want to be healthy, but avoid the deeper reason which is wanting to look good – which is totally cool!

  2. I used to be one of those girls who ashamed of her body and i would barely go out of the house cause I had no motivation to communicate with other people. I spend 24/7 just lying in my bed or sitting in a chair doing nothing. and then 2 month ago I found Modern Health Monk.
    now i’ve lost 5kg and i’ve begun hiking every fridays and it’s a good start and motivation for me. I FEEL AMAZING. And it’s just beacuase of Alex who taught me just two single words : “changing habits.”
    Thank you Alex.

    1. Tara, that’s amazing! That’s so awesome to hear, I would love to hear more about how things have been going for you.

      – Alex

  3. Hi Alex,
    I’m feeling down. Been dieting and working out for a month and I’ve only lost 5 lbs. Last week I started running and I just don’t know if I’m making any progress. I’ve always been a thin person until 6 years ago when I began gaining weight. HELP im going crazy.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Losing 5 pounds in a month is actually REALLY good. Sounds like you just aren’t patient enough yet 🙂 Go another 2 then email me again.

  4. I’ll give you the double edge response for my why:

    Side A: I want to look good naked. Yeah I said it. I have no one to be naked for but I still want this. I always have.

    Side B: I want my body to be a more fit vehicle for my soul while I’m alive on this planet. (This one bothers me more deeply than the first one. Although I’ve achieved the first one 1 time in my life, I feel like I’ve struggled with this one forever. This is a weird goal because it holistically includes more in my lifestyle than just nutrition habits. I’m still shedding a lot of detrimental habits and addictions that didn’t serve me. At least I’m not stagnating.)

    1. Chabs, I appreciate the honesty and actually found Side B really interesting.


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