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5 Not So “Secret” Secrets to Losing Weight in a Healthy Way

Alexander heyne bio picture Fat loss secretsYes… new, revolutionary secrets to losing weight!

Actually, not really.

I want to tell you about five weight loss secrets — and they are secrets I believe, because no one seems to be pursuing them — about losing fat, specifically belly fat, that most mainstream diet experts will not tell you.

Which one of these can you start applying today for better results?

5 Not so Secret “Secrets” To Losing Weight in a Healthy Way

Fat Loss Secret #1: It’s Mostly About Food and Not Exercise


The very first secret here is that it’s about food and not exercise.

The first instinct for almost everyone when it comes time to losing weight and losing fat is:

“Let me go for a run!” “Let me go for these two-hour gym workouts!”

Almost always those people, after two months, end up emailing me or calling me because they’re not getting the results they want.

Well they did a pretty cool study in a British journal of Sports Medicine, where they had people in two groups doing exercise without changing their diet or exercise with changing their diets.

And get this: the first group exercised for six weeks an hour a day — that’s a month and a half — without changing their diet, and 50% only lost two pounds. That’s six weeks, 60 hours of exercise, for losing two pounds.

It’s kinda crazy imagining investing all that effort for two pounds.

The reality is that everybody in the industry knows that you need to change what you eat, so that’s where you need to be focusing most of your time. Like the corny saying goes, “It’s very hard to out-exercise a bad diet.”

Fat Loss Secret #2: It’s Not About Ab Exercises


In fact they really don’t matter that much.

I recently shot my very first douchey fitness video with my shirt off, where I mentioned that I do only four sets of ab exercises per week.

So one workout which is only four sets.

And I don’t even have to do that: I still have the six pack. Well how could that be if you need ab exercises to get a six pack?

It’s about body fat levels.

And you lose overall body fat levels not by doing ab exercises, but by losing overall body fat, and those are the overall habit principles we’ve talked about here already.

If you focus on losing the body fat and building more muscle overall, your abs are going to show. It’s really that simple.

Here’s another article I wrote on getting toned.

Fat Loss Secret #3: It’s Not About Cardio or Running


Like I said, it’s summer now and the first thing I see people doing is going out for their runs, doing crazy intense fitness classes, and doing all kinds of restrictive, weird cleanses that make them poo all day.

The point here is that it’s not about cardio and also, honestly, it’s not about weights at the end of the day — but it’s about doing some kind of exercise that works for you.

The thing is, at the end of the day, it is about a calorie deficit, so whatever way you go about doing that is going to guarantee you the results you want.

The reason why I personally favor weights is that you build more muscle, which gives you that toned-type look.

Toned – getting toned, whether you’re a woman or a man — comes from losing body fat and gaining more muscle.

And it’s honestly easiest to do that by adding weights into your workouts already, yes, especially if you’re a woman.

Fat Loss Secret #4: It Does Not Require Hours in the Gym


I once was pointing to this cover model, this guy I saw on a magazine, with a friend nearby.

My friend looked at him and he was like, “Man, if I had two and a half hours a day to go the gym, I would look like that too.” What a load of crap! This guy was just making excuses for himself.

It doesn’t take hours in the gym.

Realistically, for you to get in cover-of-the-magazine shape, I would say no more than — no more — than five hours a week.

So that’s one hour a day Monday through Friday, and I would focus explicitly on weights (whether you’re male or female).

So if you’re doing more than that, and if you don’t look damn good, really carefully consider what you’re actually doing.

Like everything it’s about doing the right things, and understanding what works best for you in your unique situation.

And it’s about doing the right things more consistently, not just blindly doing more workouts.

Fat Loss Secret #5: You Don’t Need Freaking Supplements!


Please repeat that.

It seems like everyone I know, rather than doing the damn work, would rather go and buy a $60 supplement — which is very expensive, by the way — some pre-workout, some post-workout, some during-workout, some during-sleep, pre-sleep, post-sleep… guys, this is such a load of crap!

It’s about doing the work at the end of the day.

Eating actual food. Not mysterious powders that cost you a fortune.

Do the work, eat the real food, you’ll get the results, all right?

I’m also going to save you all that money; you can just PayPal me that instead, don’t worry about it: $60 bucks a month, it’s no biggie.

So, at a high level, those are the five principles I want you to be focusing on here.

Again: no secrets, no mysteries.

It’s no B.S., there’s no mysterious mathematical formula. You just do the right things, stay consistent with the small habits, do them over time, and you will actually get there. All right?

I want you to leave a comment below before you go. Let me know your biggest question regarding fat loss, losing belly fat or getting more fit, besides what I’ve already covered here.

Your “Master The Day” Tiny Daily Habit

Tiny Habit for Today Thumb

Which one of these “secrets” have you been avoiding?

Which one do you need to work on more?

Which one surprised you?

Share in the comment section below.

– Alex

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  1. Hi Alex! I have just fallen in love with your site! I’ve been stacksitting as much as I can and I think I’ll get feeling back in my hands soon (I hope!)

    This article was just great – and, deep down, we all know that everything in life is cumulative. People just are impatient and have a hard time being consistent.

    I have been avoiding the fact that it all comes down to the food! I have lost a significant amount of weight but I still attributed it to exercise mostly and thought I could cut corners on my nutrition with cleansers and detox teas – Nope! I need to work on focusing on real food and being consistent. Nothing really surprised me, but the way you present it makes so much sense and I think that anyone reading this will shift their mindset.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Darlene,

      Awesome, I’m glad it provided at least a bit of insight! How are you doing now? What were you eating before?

  2. Hi,

    When you say not to buy any supplements, my boyfriend’s kinesiologist told him he absolutely needed to buy whey protein and drink some after his workout (lots of weight lifting) because if he doesn’t he will get a lot of muscle pain and cramps, and he did. Since he’s taking the whey protein it hurts him a lot less so I was wondering if you knew of a more “natural” solution for him to avoid all the pain that comes with his rough training, since he still has 20-30 pounds to shed.

    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Cynthia – have him just eat meat + some rice after a workout.

  3. Hi Alex,

    I would like to know what oils I should be eating with my food. I’m starting to eat mostly meat, eggs, and veggies, but I’ve been hesitant with using oils because I haven’t seen you talk about them much. I have been using avocado oil and butter mostly, but what do you suggest?

    1. Hey Victor – I mostly cook with just butter or olive oil.


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