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The Monk’s Courtyard (Insider’s Kit)

The Monk’s Courtyard is a growing collection of free videos, reports, resources, and mini courses that will help you lose weight, fix back pain, and finally get closer to fixing those chronic aches and pains. We also frequently add things every month to the courtyard to sweeten the offer – subscribers really do get treated like royalty! Here’s what is currently in the courtyard:

  1. Weight Loss Crash Course (Email Course)
  2. Why ALL Diets Fail And Why You Don’t Need a Diet to Lose Weight
  3. A 256 Year Old Chinese Man’s “4 Secrets To Longevity
  4. How to Step by Step Fix Your Chronic Back Pain
  5. The Cubicle Human Guide – Chronic Pain Relief and Weight Loss if You Sit at a Desk all Day

“These bonuses are awesome, you’d have to be a fool not to check them out. Plus, I’ll give you good karma forever if you sign up. Trust me, I’ve been meditating for a couple thousand years and this is a pretty sweet deal. Take them. Use them. Apply them. Buddha power.”


5 Daily Habits to Help You Get Your Dream Body With Real Food

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 How to Step-by-Step Cure Your Chronic Back Pain (Forever

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The Zoo Human Guide –

Pain Relief & Weight Loss for People That Sit all Day

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