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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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Modern Health Monks Top 5 Videos of 2015

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Last year, I produced somewhere close to 50 videos (maybe more), but ultimately, there were a few that were really the most impactful for many of you.

Here were the five that were the most popular in terms of views, shares, likes and more.

#1 – How to Boost Your Willpower 600% In 5 Minutes

Some notes here:

Many of you have asked me how to have more self control and more discipline – so here’s some cool research on this.

Also, interestingly enough, one of the other top 5 videos for this year was, “why am I so damn lazy?” Clearly this is something that a lot of us are struggling with on a day to day basis. At a high level, I’m not really interested in the “force yourself to do it approach,” because honestly it takes a lot of effort and energy.

If you can focus on doing more things you love, setting up rituals and routines, and cultivating the “do it now” philosophy, you can bypass willpower and effort to a certain degree.

#2 – Does Apple Cider Vinegar Actually Work For Weight Loss?

Some notes here:

I’m shocked at how ridiculous the negative comments are on this video – which are worth reading.

Do you spot the trend? Everyone wants a QUICK FIX. All the negative comments are because we always look for the way out in the easiest, least-effort way possible – which is fine.

Unfortunately, in weight loss, this often leads us to quick fixes that are stupid and don’t work. Read the comments to see what I mean here. Don’t fall into the trap – I’ve never ONCE met a successful person that approaches health in this way.

#3 – 5 Daily Habits That Changed My Life in 2014

Some notes here:

  • This was the first year I realized it was all about habits. Up until this point in my life, if you asked me for my best health advice, I would’ve given you a few strategies and then sent you off. It wasn’t until I realized that the secret sauce was whatever method you used for staying consistent, to actually do stuff.
  • The first year I tracked habits. Because of revelation #1, this was the first year that I tracked my actual habits in whatever aspects of my health and life that I was trying to change.
  • The first year I realized that there were just a few habits to track to see results in anything. And finally, my third habit realization: in any aspect of your life, ranging from health, to finances, there are really just a few things (usually 3-6) that you need to do daily – that’s it. Once you write these down on paper, overwhelm ceases to exist and you’re much more likely to see results since there isn’t confusion about what works.

#4 – “How Do I Stop Being So Damn Lazy?” Laziness is a Myth – Do This Instead

Some notes here:

I find it fascinating that this is one of the top videos – and it grew so quickly. One of the most common things I hear from many of you is that you feel so lazy when it comes time to cook, exercise, etc. So it’s not surprising that this one really resonated quite a lot – hint: you aren’t lazy, you just need a different approach.

#5 – What Successful People Do In The First 8 Minutes of Their Morning

Some notes here:

This video came after I interviewed my dad on how he lost 40 pounds around the age of 60 – when most people are giving up. He found himself struggling with most of the stuff we all do – how do I get started, how to get focused, how to stay consistent, etc.

And ultimately, he found a simple habit and ritual that worked: an 8 minute morning exercise routine he would do immediately when he woke up to start the day off right, which eventually put him on the right path and changed how he ate, and ultimately, lived.

Thoughts? Which did you like best? What do you want to learn more about in 2016?


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