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Here Are 5 Daily Habits To Help You Lose Your Next 10 Pounds & Double Your Energy (Without Willpower and Discipline)

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Welcome To The Tiny Habits Podcast!


There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, and that’s start a show that’s a bit more unscripted than both my articles (which tend to be in-depth) and my videos.

Now even though I’ve gone in depth on habits in my book, in my daily (yes, daily) video series on youtube where I give you a tiny habit, this gives me an even bigger opportunity to help you:

I can have guests, share longer stories, and go in-depth into some of the strategies I talk about here.

And one thing I like a lot about podcasts is that, because of the nature of having guests, there’s so much gold that naturally comes up and gets shared without us even realizing it.

So, here’s the introduction to the Tiny Habits Podcast.

Four Things You’ve Never Heard About Me Anywhere (+ Episode #1)

Podcast Episode #1 Thumb

Come on over (below) and listen to this first welcome episode, where I’ll show you:

  • How we’re going to tackle a different way to lose weight, feel awesome, and live better by changing tiny habits
  • Four stories about myself that you’ve never heard – ever – and most of my friends don’t even know
  • Some other goodies and bonuses I only share on the show

You can listen to it up above, but make sure to come subscribe in itunes (link coming shortly).

I’m crazy excited for this next adventure… plus, I can whisper weird things in your ear as you drive to work ;-).


Have You Read My New Book Yet?

  Read more about this in my book Master The Day. You’ll learn the nine daily success habits I learned interviewing people that lost 100+ pounds and kept it off in a healthy way – by changing their habits. Plus, you’ll get a free $100 bonus video course if you show me your receipt. You can get the audiobook here too.

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  1. Great Podcast ….. hearing all about you helps to connect more personally with all your sincere advice ……. hearing Pod is great but seeing you is prime.

    1. Hey Bill,

      Awesome, thank you for the feedback – don’t worry, I’m still doing both! A video every day on youtube too.


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