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How to Find The Best “Diet” For You: A Weird Stanford Study on How to Simplify

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I recently spoke to a woman who completely went off on me:

“I’m tired of all this crap on the internet – every thing I search for contradicts each other. What do I really eat every day?”

You can’t really blame her, right?

One result says eat meat, the next says don’t eat meat, one says go vegan, one says drink shakes every day.

And then, of course, you introduce agendas.

This doctor’s agenda, that doctor’s agenda, this industry’s political interest, and then there’s the FDA’s interests.

So who do you trust, and what diet do you try?

Well, there’s an interesting bit of research that’ll help you simplify the options.

How To Find The Best Diet in The World… For You

What Are Your Thoughts?

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on this?

What plan do you intend on sticking with?

I’ve given more resources here on exactly what I recommend, but I want to hear from you.

Just leave a comment below.

– Alex



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  1. I am old enough to have tried every diet on the planet. I’ve done Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig (loved the food), Nutrisystem, Slimfast, i’ve been a vegan, done paleo, counted calories, low carb, gluten free, and more that i don’t remember. The ONLY diet that has ever worked for me was counting calories and eating what i wanted. I lost 100 pounds on that one. I ate chocolate, Pringles, frozen Lean Cuisines, everything that had a calorie count on it. It was NOT the healthiest diet. Definitely not. So guess what i’m doing now? Trying to incorporate healthy foods with chocolate and frozen pizza and other foods that i love. I don’t feel deprived. I still make my smoothies. Nothing else works for me. This way i feel in total control. Calories DO count, but you do need to make those healthy calories if you can.

    1. Love it Gabriele. And yeah, you’re very right – they count, of course, but the challenge is how to ingrain them along with still eating food that makes you enjoy life 😉


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