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 Get Out of Chronic Pain And Lose Weight if You sit at a Desk all Day

At Modern Health Monk I focus almost exclusively on two topics, because they are issues that plague many people that sit at a desk all day, for 40, 50 or 60 hours a week.

Below you can find my best integrative articles for getting back on the road to health and pain relief.

The first is more of a physical pain: Back, neck, shoulder, knee & other pain.

Here are my definitive how-to guides I’ve put together so far:


In the Chronic Pain Relief Series

I approach pain relief in two ways: short-term pain relief, and then long-term habit/biomechanical change. In other words, you need both to see long-term relief – you need to change how you use your body, and if you’re in pain, you need to do some short term things for pain relief.

For neck pain, shoulder pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome (click the image):

neck and shoulder pain relief

For knee pain (click the image):

runners knee knee pain

For lower back pain (click the image):

lower back pain relief


In the Integrative Weight Loss Series

The second is also a physical pain, but also has a huge emotional component: weight loss.

I approach almost 100% of weight loss from a psychology/behavioral change point of view.

You don’t need 150 diet tips and tricks – because those don’t address the underlying reasons we all fail to lose weight long-term: we don’t change our habits.

A diet can’t fix emotional eating for example.

So here are some of my best guides that illustrate my approach:

Why All Diets Fail And Why You Don’t Need a Diet to Lose Weight (Click the image)

why all diets fail thumb

Shocking (In Pictures): Why You’re Fat

shocking in pictures thumb


Why Is Weight Loss (And Being Healthy) So Difficult?

Weight Loss so Difficult with play button

Can Eating Healthy Food Still Make Me Gain Weight? Yes, Under One Circumstance:

healthy food article