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Are You Using These 3 Real Food Tips To Stay Fuller, Longer?

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Have you ever been frustrated watching someone constantly stuff their face… but never gain a pound?

Whereas for you, or for someone you know, it seems like you take a bite of a cookie and instantly balloon up?

Would you believe me if I told you that researchers have extensively studied specifically what leads to feelings of fullness, and they came up with three key principles?

Watch today’s video where I show you these three real food tips for staying fuller, longer, and eating as much as you want without worrying about ruining your health or putting on the weight.

Some links mentioned: What to eat” and “The Real Food Infographic

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What’s one TINY change you can make to bump up the “satiety” score of what you eat? Tell me below.

– Alex

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  1. Hi Alex, I have my lunch around 1 pm, around 5 pm i feel really hungry. I eat one apple and two bananas around this, but it doesnt help me to take it through to dinner time (8-9 pm) and end up in stuffing something more to feel fuller till dinner time. How can i improve the situation ? Cheers Nishant

    1. Hi Nishant,

      You need to be eating more – what are you typically eating for lunch? I would add much more protein to that snack.

  2. Here is a trick I learned for determining satiety level for a packaged food. This is useful if you need to choose between two packaged foods that have nutrition labels, based on how satiated you are likely to feel after eating. Add the number of grams of protein + the number of grams of fiber together. That number needs to be AT LEAST 10 grams for every 100 calories in the serving. An example: I have a packaged item with one serving being 110 calories. The protein is 11 grams per serving, and the fiber is 4 grams per serving. 11+4=15 grams. That is more than the 11 grams needed to make this a filling snack. It will probably keep me satiated for about 3 hours. If the protein/fiber level is really low, like 5, I will likely be hungry very soon after eating the food.
    Of course, the preferred food would be of the non-packaged, whole food variety, but sometimes you have to make a choice between two less desirable options.

    1. Hi Beth! LOVE this rule, never heard of it before. Very very clever. And I totally agree – eating all natural, whole foods isn’t always an option.

      1. Thanks Alexander. After I learned to use this little trick, it dawned on me that I would feel more full if all my meals/snacks were higher in protein and fiber, so this has actually helped me choose food combos when I do get to eat the preferred whole foods too. Nishant’s situation was all too common to me until I learned this and put it to use.

  3. If I listened correctly on the video, it mentioned you were going to put a couple links in at the bottom of the post, including a protein list, but I don’t see any links, accept to sign up for the webinar. am I mistaken?

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Oh, woops. Let me update that now :-).

      1. Hi Alex,
        Thank you for your wonderful video today. In fact, thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us here. I just wanted to mention that I too have not yet seen the link for the list you have mentioned on the video. Perhaps due to my mysteriously missing glasses…? Cheers.

        1. Hi Nathalie,

          Ahh sorry about that. Check now :-). They’re up!


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