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The 15 Most Irritating Kinds of People You See In The Gym

Yeah no

Most people I talk to absolutely hate the gym.

And to be honest? I don’t really blame them.

You’ve got meat heads, women who put on makeup and wear skimpy clothes to workout, grunters, creepers, and more.

In fact, after almost ten years of going to the gym, I’ve spotted a few types I see almost every day.

Here are fifteen of the most ridiculous, annoying, painful people to be around in the gym.

#1 The “I’m About to Poop My Pants” Grunter


The first is the guy that has some childhood angst and attention issues.

He was the kid that didn’t have a lot of friends (like me), but he decided he wanted to overcompensate for it by trying to get as much attention as possible in the gym.

Hey, if you can’t get positive attention, it’s better to at least get some attention by being painfully annoying, right?

This is the guy that walks up to the weight rack, no matter how small or big he is, lifts the weights, and then you hear it:





Jesus, we figured you have low self esteem already – stop proving us right.

#2 Mr. Constipation


I’ll admit, this next guy isn’t nearly as bad.

This guy tends to be a quiet one (there aren’t many women making this face), but he makes the most ridiculous faces.

It’s as if he decided to go to Taco Bell right before his workout, and now that spicy Chalupa is slowly making its way through his digestive tract – right as he went to the gym.

Gotta love Taco Bell.

#3 The “Hey I’m a Sweet Potato” Way-Too-Tan Girl

Ms. Sweet Potato The Oatmeal

From, The Oatmeal

Ms. Sweet Potato is the girl who spends WAY too much time tanning at the gym.

Rumour has it that some tanning salons cost upwards of $100/month, so these sweet potatoes got smart and realized they could get a gym membership for $20/month… and just use the tanner there.

The problem is that even when you walk into the gym in the DEAD of february with three feet of snow outside, she still looks like she just got back from Cancun last week.

Easy on the skin cancer sweetheart.

#4 Ms. “I Woke Up Like This” Just Put on Makeup and Got a Tan For This Workout

perfect makeup

At my gym, there’s always one woman in her 30s who comes in looking like she’s about to hit the club.

She has perfectly coiffed, curled hair, like she’s ready for prom in an hour.

She has a brand-spanking-new coat of red lipstick every single time.

She’s chewing a fresh piece of gum.

She has fully-decked out gym clothes, which include a top that matches her shoes.

And she is thoroughly caked up, ready for her sweaty workout, and makes sure she spends lots of time in the areas of the gym where it’s mostly men.


#5 Mr. “You Need a Gallon of Water a Day Bro”

Gallon jug

Yeah, I’m talking about you wanna-be bodybuilder.

You read somewhere on bodybuilding.com that you gotta “eat big BRUH” and “chug a gallon of water a day BRO” or “drink a gallon of milk a day to bulk, BRAH.”

There’s not much else to say here besides these two facts:

1. You look like a total moron

2. You just reinforced my assumption that you’re a neaderthal

#6 The Show Off Who Works Out In Her Sports Bra

sports bra

Sometimes, girl #6 is sporting a fresh pair of fake boobs that she’s eager to show off.

There’s one particular girl (woman) in my gym who’s about 70 years old… with the body of a 20 year old.

Plastic surgery is one crazy thing.

The creepy and irritating part about it is that she wears such skimpy clothing to show off her 20 year old body, that every time I walk into the part of the gym with her, I feel almost like I walked onto the set of an adult film.

Sometimes these girls are just the college girls eager to show things off.

As I guy I appreciate it – really I do – congrats on the effort. But you’re trying way too hard. It’s a lot easier to get attention wearing the same thing to a bar – happy Friday attention whore!

#7 The Weight Slammer

Stop slamming weights

99% of the time, unless the person is deadlifting, this is a kid trying to act big who is really just a space cadet in his head, not paying attention to his workout.

In my gym, most of the people that do this aren’t experienced, and instead are busy talking to their friends, looking around the gym, or just lifting too much weight and lazily drop it back down.

#8 The “I’m Not Done Yet But Let Me Finish This Text” Slacker

guy texting

Every once in a while (hopefully only every once a while) you’re waiting for a machine you really like, a spot on the floor, or a weight rack and you find someone who spends more time texting than they do working out.

Sometimes – and this one really gets me – people will literally be on their phones having full conversations and chatting throughout the entire workout.

I don’t really get how this is possible, but people do it.

And it’s REALLY bad when it’s peak gym hours (around 5-7), and they take AGES to get off a machine because they are taking their leisure time.

#9 Guys With Shirts That Show Their Nipples

String shirt

Image credits

Dude – If I wanted to see your nipples, I could’ve gone to Chippendales with my girlfriend.


#10 The Person Singing To Themselves Way Too Loud


There’s this one guy at my gym who is singing at the top of his lungs in the locker room, the line entering the gym, and the entire time he works out.

I think the only reason people haven’t told him to shut up is because he’s massive, but he’s extremely irritating.

These kinds of singers tend to be irrationally confident and usually think they look cool – everyone else? We think you look just as dumb as you really are.

You look insane, like a total nut job. I hate you. Go home.

#11 The Machine Hog

machine hog

There are normal machine hogs, and there are texting machine hogs.

And then finally, there are college kid machine hogs.

Every once in a while you get a group of friends working out in the gym, which is usually three people.

They take their time going from machine to machine, but because they are three people using the machine, they take their time gossiping in between sets, talking about rainbows and unicorns and the girls they got at the club last week.

#12 Mr “I Act Huge Because I’m Overcompensating For Everything Else In My Life”


These guys we’ve all seen: they aren’t the biggest guys in the gym, but they like walking like the biggest guys in the gym.

They’re even more irritating to walk by in a small hallway, because they never yield or turn to let you in, therefore attempting to re-affirm their tough guy status.

Proof that these people are again, massively insecure, is the fact that they usually aren’t the biggest guys in the gym.

Listen – you look like you sat on a banana and are trying to secretly wedge it out as you walk.

Listen – we know that you too are insecure, just like sweet potato girl and grunter.

And listen – we get that you’re a tough guy. Is it working for you?

#13 People Taking Selfies… In The Public Mirror In The Middle of the Gym

Selfies“Watch me bro, post this on my instagram.”

I’ll be honest – I was shocked when I first saw this.


I was once in a gym abroad and saw a guy next to me take off his shirt, start flexing in the mirror, and then start taking selfies – IN the gym.

Every once in a while there’s a competitor who goes into a side room and flexes or practices a pose.

But the really annoying ones are the people who go right up to the mirror in front of a hundred people and start flexing, shooting videos for their instagram account, or overtly spend five minutes looking at their biceps in every possibly angle.

#14 The “Just Had a Great Workout” Facebook Update-R

Selfie 2

“Great workout! Team hustle! Power couple! #Fitness #Cleaneating”


You’ll know these people by… wait… you won’t, because you unfollowed them six months ago.

#15 The Ultra Creep


The funny thing about gym creeps is that they aren’t necessarily sexual gym creeps.

There are guys that stare at me when I workout, and there are girls that stare at girls when they workout.

But it gets a bit irritating when you go into the gym and see one of your creeps there:

“Ugh, creepster is here today.”

Every time you’re going through an exercise, your spidy senses start tingling and you get the feeling you’re being watched out of the corner of your eye – so you look over and catch the creeper looking.

No big deal.

But then you keep catching him or her out of the corner of your eye, and you’re slightly tempted to throw a pipe bomb in that general area of the gym.


Who Else Would You Add To This List?

I feel you there if you’re one of the people that really hates the gym. I get it.

Who else would you add to this list?

Tell me below.


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10 comments… add one

  1. I’m said to say that I’m guilty of #8.

    And #11 is the worst….

    1. Hahah I agree with you Xander! And it’s all in the name of fun 🙂

  2. You must have been at my gym the last few weeks. The folks were all there….lol!

    1. Hey Chris –

      Haha, I tend to see these kinds of people in EVERY gym, anywhere I go.

  3. I’m not the terminator by any means,but the 3 to 400 pounders that have the stretch pants,and I do mean stretched with the flowery top,head phones,and nice new shoes that match. Just stuffed a whole cheese cake down that cavernous pie hole 10 minutes before coming. Does 5 minutes on the treadmill and is so close to a stroke the face is a rosy purple color. I feel like asking how it got that far but am afraid I’ll get maced. Just stop and go home and bust open that bag of chips.

  4. The texting losers who block machines should be banned from the gym. They are the worst! Just as bad??
    The competitive, attention seeking creepster is the worst!
    This is the person who checks you out and decides that you absolutely MUST see and acknowledge THEIR presence ( and greatness). They literally park thenselves in front of you, stare, and do really annoying things to get your attention (i.e. Toss their hair in your direction, talk loudly to friend who is near you, block your view in the mirror) . The more you ignore them ( which I love to do), the worse they act.

    1. Haha, too true. Those get quite bad as well.

  5. Let’s not forget the one who sees you performing well, and has to jump on the machine next to you and try to do it faster / harder / sweat more, etc. Example, cycling at a steady 110 rpm for an hour or so and (usually where I am, it’s an Indian middle aged guy of some kind) leaps onto the cycle next to you and flails around sweating like mad to out-speed you. He lasts five minutes, then swaggers off as if he’s scored a victory. Or, there’s the insecure (usually men in my experience) who see you waiting for a machine, and when they’re finally done, quickly move the weight selection to a ridiculously high weight, as if they’d been on that setting throughout… Yea, am sure your pot bellied, spindle legged frame was doing leg raises at 160kgs… Even though I saw you using 25kgs. Nice try…

  6. People who don’t properly use equipment or have really poor form drive me the most insane. It not only makes the workout at hand less effective, but also could lead to long term injuries if done wrong on a consistent basis. There’s one guy middle aged probably late 30s early 40s who holds onto the treadmill display board with one hand as he runs for 20ish minutes (also leans back and slightly to the side opposite the arm that’s reached out to hold on). A lady on the ArcTrainer holds onto both handle bars, gets going at a decent clip, and jerks her head side to side so aggressively I’m surprised her neck isn’t broken. Another really slowly uses the ArcTrainer on high resistance and does some strange thing waving her arms in the air (it’s so distracting to see in peripheral vision, I cannot be within 3-4 machines of her unless someone is on a machine between us). Not to mention the countless amounts of people I see using their entire back to do low rows or pulldowns. Makes me really want to tell them to correct their form just so they don’t have spine problems in the future.

  7. Why in gods name would you worry about someone ELSE is wearing at the gym let alone what kind of faces they make when they are lifting weights, focus on yourself. Pathetic


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